Sunday Funday - Sub Plans

Luckily, I am blessed with a healthy family, so I'm not unexpectedly absent from school all that often. I don't have any emergency sub plans ready to go, although after reading many other blogs, maybe I should. But since I live thirty-five minutes from school, I do have a sub plan template that I can easily fill in at six in the morning when I am half-awake. My plans get rave reviews from my subs.

Here is an example of my plans (with the lesson specifics omitted since this is a template that I fill in for each absence - most of this stays the same)-

All of this information is already in the template. I have a template for each day of the week since specials and duties and things are different every day. I have information on morning procedures and who are reliable students. I also have information on who could be problematic. Also included are the associates that float in and out during the day and where to find information about special health needs.

A little note on what bribery works... :)

Times are classes are already included so i don't have to remember what specials are on what days or when everything begins and ends. I also note which students leave for help during certain classes.

Then, when I have to be gone, I fill in the specific lesson plans under each class. Any procedures that are the same are also pat of the template so I don't have to remember to write all of the steps each time.

Remember to include duties!

More routine assignments that I don't have to retype.

So this is what I do when I have to be gone. If I'm doing this in the morning, I email these plans to another fifth grade teacher or the secretary so they can be printed for the sub. Now that I'm in the middle school, I'll have to tweak some things, but most of the same information will be included. If anything, there will be less to type since I'm only teaching two subjects!


  1. Wow! This is very organized and would be very helpful to a sub! I haven't subbed in a while, but your plans reminded me how much I need to tell them. Great plans!


  2. Awesome plans! In my distict we have tons of professional days they provide, which means lots of subs. As a first year teacher, I am still trying to figure out what works best for my subs! Thanks for sharing!


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