Randomness from the Week

What a crazy weather week this has been. School was pretty uneventful, so this recap will be incredibly random.

When I got to school on Monday, I got a pleasant surprise. These pretty things were blooming outside my classroom window. Anyone know what these are?

When I got home, it was a wonderful 70ish degrees. My tulips were blooming, and everything was so pretty!

Tuesday rolled around, and we had our fourth(!) parent-teacher conference night. Since we are at the middle school, they are drop-in conferences. This is how busy we were four weeks before the end of the school year.
Obviously a wonderful use of my four hours. Out of the sixty-five students I have, I saw nine parents. And to be fair, one was a parent of twins.

Wednesday was May Day. One of my lovely students brought me a May Day basket! :)
On Thursday, a different student brought me this piece of heaven - a death by chocolate cupcake! It was pretty darn tasty :)
OK, here is the part where I actually have an educational topic. We are looking at adopting a new reading series that is aligned to the Common Core. We have it narrowed down to Journeys and Wonders. Does anyone out there have an opinion about either one? My team is split, and any opinion from anyone who has actually used one of these programs would be a bonus!

I also had my 400-follower giveaway on Thursday. Thanks again to everyone who donated products and everyone who follows my blog. It was so successful that I might do it again if I reach 500!

So this week I got hooked on Instagram. I had a personal account that I never used, but as soon as I saw the new linky on Tuesdays sponsored by What the Teacher Wants, I created a teacher account. And then I saw a daily photo challenge by the Clutter Free Classroom. Today's topic was lunch. Our team orders taco pizza every Friday and we rotate who pays. It gives us something to look forward to each week :)
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 And here is the temperature reading as I was driving home today. Yes, that would be a forty-degree difference from the beginning of the week. Boo.


  1. The flowers are beautiful - I hope you don't get a hard freeze tonight. Our temps have been on the wild side, too!
    We use Journeys - 2nd grade. I like it - but it really feels like we don't have enough time to do it justice. The 2nd grade stories are, for the most part, good - and I believe meet CCSS. Usually the stories have teacher questions that are those higher level ones. Hope that helps a little.
    Enjoy your weekend. Sara

  2. WOW- huge temperature drop! I hate when that happens because it makes my allergies go nuts- like I need any help with that! Pretty flowers, though. Don't you love the first weeks of spring??

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  3. We use Journeys. The (cheaper, right before the official common core) common core edition. I like it, a lot actually. It is SO much better than our previous program. If you use the online assessment portion there are even constructed response items. It's our first year and there is so much more I could do, but just stuck to the must dos this year while figuring it all out. Hope that helps!

  4. Wow! That is crazy weather and that chocolate looks fabulous!!!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners


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