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My team and I have just finalized our school supply lists for next year. It's always interesting to discuss with them what we ended up using, not using, and wish that we had asked them to bring. So that gave me an idea for a linky. I am curious about what you have on your school supply list, what you supply out of your own pocket, and the use for each item (if it's not obvious).

Fifth Grade 2013-2014

1 3-ring binder, 1” wide
5-pack 3-ring binder dividers
5 different colored pocket folders (red, yellow, green, blue, and student choice)
1 pkg #2 pencils (at least 24)
1 large eraser or a package of pencil top erasers
1 small hand pencil sharpener
1 pencil pouch
1 pencil box to leave in locker
2 single subject spiral notebooks (100 pages)
1 pkg colored pencils
1 pkg washable markers
1 12” ruler with metric and standard, plain, to be collected by the teacher
2 pkgs wide-lined notebook paper
1 highlighter (any color)
1 pair scissors
6 large glue sticks
Shorts & t-shirt or sweatshirt & sweatpants for PE
Tennis shoes
Shower necessities (deodorant, soap, towel, etc.)
Flash drive (2 GB or larger)
Earbuds (can be purchased for $1)
2 large boxes tissues
2 large containers disinfectant wipes

Most of the things are pretty obvious. This year, we had a 3", Trapper-style binder that four out of the six teachers hated. So next year we are going to try a folder for each core class that will stay in the classrooms. Each student will carry a folder for take-home and unfinished assignments, their planner, and their pencil pouch. Everything else will be stored in their lockers. We stole an idea from the sixth grade to have a pencil box in their lockers to hold their extra pencils, glue sticks, etc.

The 1" binder will serve as a reference binder for math. Since I don't teach math, I'm not sure what the binders will contain exactly.

This year, we had the students bring Ziploc bags - Last names A-I brought snack size, J-R brought sandwich, and S-Z brought gallon. We have lots of leftovers, so we took them off of the list for next year.

Starting at the PE items, the rest of the list is standard for all four grades in my building.

I always buy extra colored pencils and glue sticks because students seem to eat those things. I also buy any of the list items that I can find on sale. And I always buy thin Crayola markers when they go on sale at Target for $1 for a box of ten. I only use the markers for the name sampler activity from my {colonial unit}, but I need to replace markers that dry out.


  1. Oh, to work in a school where the students WILL bring in supplies! I was lucky if I could get them to bring a single pencil and a piece of paper.

  2. Very interesting. I loved reading your list. We were thinking of adding earbuds to our list for next year and I like that you also have a flash drive! We'll finalize our soon and I'll come back and link up. You gave me some great ideas. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. I'm with Miss Lifesaver! We are required to have a school supply list total cost of less than $10. We end up purchasing most of the next year's supplies (like glue, crayons, and pencils) with grade level order money the year before. Really the kids just end up bringing pencil boxes and tissues, if that.

  4. Our district has decided that all of the 4th grade classes in the DISTRICT will have the same school supply list for next year. It has the basics on it, but I will still end up buying many of the things that I wanted but no one else did so they didn't make the list. Many of my kiddos do not come in with supplies though, so I'm sure to always have extras on hand for them.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  5. It is interesting to read how some schools and districts do their supply lists! I work at a title I school in a great district, so we have our supply lists that we create, but we are also fortunate enough to get a lot of donations since we are Title I and some students are not able to purchase their supplies.


    Adventures in Third Grade


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