Fourth of July Tags and Silhouette Portrait

I'm adding to my reward tag arsenal, and I just finished these for the upcoming holiday! I know that many of you are not in school at the moment, but I thought that they would still be fun for daycares, summer school, giving out at parades, family get-togethers or whatever. They are 50¢ for a sheet of 30. You can also pin it to win it. Anyone who pins it and comments with the link before noon today (CST) can have it for free!

I'm also looking for ideas for other types of reward tags. Is there anything in your classroom for which you might want to use reward tags? Please let me know and I'll work on designing some more!

Keeping with the July theme, I am putting my {entire store} on sale from July 5-7. I will be part of something else special, so make sure you're a follower!

Now for my Tried-It Tuesday, I took the plunge and bought a Silhouette Portrait. My first project was to make vinyl addresses for my recycling bins that blow down the street. I designed the text with a font that I had on my computer (which is one of main reasons I bought this machine), and sent it to he Portrait. When I told it that I was using vinyl, it told me what settings I needed to use for the blade and everything. Really user-friendly, in my opinion.

It turned out awesome! I don't have pics of my bins because I don't want you stalking me ;) But I do have pictures of the vinyl initials I made for my name stick holders. Except for the white-on-white, those turned out great as well!


  1. Did I miss the pin it to win it? I pinned it to my Pinterest but I'm not sure how to win it. I don't quite get it, but it's pretty cute. And my school seems to always go on summer vacation long after all the bloggers of the world are on break. We go till July 19. They are talking about changing this in a year or two. Till then....we teach on and I live vicariously through all the bloggers going on vacation!

    1. This is the link.

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