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Every day our kids have study hall lasting almost an hour. Many of them get in trouble because they either a) get their work done quickly and have nothing else to do -or- b) don't do their work and spend their time trying to do anything but work. We have addressed problem B already, but problem A was still, well, a problem.

Yesterday I gave each of my kids a copy of Nick's {Book of Awesome Tasks}. They. Went. Crazy over it! It is a nice mixture of fun, non-academic tasks and fun, academic tasks that don't appear to be academic. I had kids from other classes see my kids with them and come ask me if they could have a copy. But I told them that I only made enough copies for my class. But if their teacher wanted to buy an additional TpT license for them... ;)

I can tell that I will need volume two to come out soon! (Nick - hint, hint)


  1. Back when I had a studyhall, I used to assign those students any miscellaneous jobs I wanted done. Grading papers, changing bulletin boards, re-organizing my library, filing papers, hole-punching, cutting, etc. I kept a list on my desk of jobs kids could do, and whenever they "didn't have homework," I simply offered them a job in exchange for a piece of candy. It was win-win.

  2. An hour of study hall a day?? Does this help avoid the "I didn't finish my homework" syndrome?

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. You're such a problem solver Diane! That Book of Awesome Tasks is motivating! Does your school day last longer because of the hour of study hall? I'm interested in your schedule. Thanks for sharing and linking up friend!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching


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