Five for Friday - Oct. 11

On Monday I found out that US Cellular funded my Donors Choose project for two stand-up desks! Check them out!!

Mine won't have the book box.

I decided to splurge and buy a pair of Tieks (not at full price, however). All of my closed-toe shoes for work in the colder months are clunky or just not cute. Not that I'm going to go slopping around in snow in these, but I need to have something to cover up the fact that I don't get pedicures in the winter! And I hate shoe shopping. Like, they might take away my girl card because I hate it so much. I guess maybe things don't look as cute in a size 9.5. So when I do find a pair that I like, I wear the heck out of them. I'm willing to spend a little more for a decent pair that I will wear every day for at least a couple of seasons. So I will let you know if they're worth it...

UPDATE - Got them today! They only do full sizes, so I went with a 9 (wishful thinking, I guess). Comfy, but my toes were making bumps on the tips. Guess I'm exchanging them for 10s...

And on the subject of shoes, I finally got around to crossing something off of my personal to-do list. I have been meaning to take a shoe inventory so if I happen to see something that I like, I can see if I already have something similar. Maybe then I can buy it in a different color. I mean, a girl only needs one closed-toe black pump, right?! (Please don't stop following me if you disagree!) ;)

So, I used my phone to take a picture of every pair of shoes that I own. That way, the inventory is always with me so I can reference it. And in case you're wondering, I currently have 23 pairs of shoes, with at least half being sandals/flip flops and a fourth being shoes that I would never wear in public. I actually own more than I thought...

Help me decide...

We use HMH Journeys 2014. It is totally aligned to CCSS, but it's a little *yawn*. I want to incorporate some foldables for recurring elements that they talk about in Journeys, like theme, sequence, characterization, etc., as well as grammar and writing topics. I just don't know which of these quality resources would lend to that. Anyone have any experience using these with a basal series? Do I just bite the bullet and get all three? Help!!

Or do I get this and make my own?

Or maybe this would come in handy...

Click {here} to head to An Apple for the Teacher's monthly giveaway!

Are your kids crazy for these? I found {an awesome deal} at Plum District. You get 600 band, 24 s-clips, a hook tool, and a loom board for $12 (plus $2 for shipping). The loom is different than the "original" rainbow loom, so you won't be able to hook them together (I think). Regardless, I think that's a good deal for just the other stuff! Click {here} to check it out!

I wanted to let you all know that if you comment on my posts, I do reply back (almost always). If you leave a comment and never hear anything from me (sometimes it's just "Thanks!"), you are probably a no-reply blogger. Which kind of stinks, because I like emailing back and making connections with people. If you are interested in changing your no-reply status, check out {this tutorial}. If you just want to test it out, leave me a comment and I'll reply back. If you don't hear from me that day, you are probably a no-reply blogger!


  1. Congrats on getting your Donor's Choose project funded! I've always wondered how people get them funded...It seems like most of the ones I see are funded by parents or the teacher's family, and that's not likely to happen in my case.

    I bought Nichole Shelby's Reading and Erin's Literature and Informational Text notebooks. There's some repetition, but I use them both. (So I guess I'm no help!)
    Chalk & Apples

  2. The stand-up desk----is that for antsy pantsy kids? I've never seen one of those. I know they make them for adults at the Relax the Back store, but that's for back problems....

    Please blog about how the Tieks work out for you. They're so cute, but the price!!! I have super wide feet and I'm a size 10. Ugh! Shoes never look cute on me. Let us know why these shoes are so $$$ and it they end up being worth it.

    I have the Nicole Shelby Language Arts book for 3rd and 4th grade, and I love it. Whatever I can't find in 4th , I find in 3rd, or I make it myself. I cover a lot of skills that aren't in either, so I do my own thing. BTW, I found the cutest interactive journal on Pintrest. It's by The Pinspired Teacher. She has a store on TpT, so check it out before you pull the trigger on one of these. I'm going to buy it this weekend, probably. It's super cute, really colorful, and covers the concepts I need.

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  3. How/where did you find discounted Tieks? It seems like they would be really comfy, but I can't dish out that much money for them. I love shoes, but shoe shopping is dreadful for me because I have really narrow feet. Congrats on getting your project funded!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
    Follow me on Bloglovin!

  4. I love that stand up desk! I heard a neat article on NPR this week that was about stand up desks being big in offices. Text to Media connection!
    My Teacher Friend

  5. Congrats on your donor's choose being funded! That is awesome. I have always wanted to try that out...but have never done it. :) And yes---my kids are crazy about those bracelets!!

    Mind Sparks

  6. I bought all three! But it depends on what you are looking to do. I use Nicole Shelby's Reading notebook a lot more than Erin's, but we have been focusing specifically on the strategies. I haven't used Nicole's Language notebook as much-I've been using Foreman Teaches Grammar Notebook-it had more of what I was looking for. It all depends on the skills you want to cover!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  7. I wonder if we can get Tieks in Australia, they sound like my kind of shoe! Don't worry I am a size 9.5 too!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  8. Are We There Yet?

    I think I may be a no-reply blogger, so I think I've changed it. I love your blog and all your creativity!

  9. I want to hear about the Tieks too! I need good winter shoes...I wear my ballet flats in the snow. Silly me. The stand up desk looks cool- I definitely have a kid who would love one...I call him Mr. Flamingo because he's on one leg all the time!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  10. Love the stand-up desk. I woukd need a couple too. I have some that stand and write or crouch on their chair. It makes handwritimg atrocious! The rubber band thing is totally viral at my school too! I will have to go look to put into my treasure box.

  11. I bought both the Reading Interactive Notebook by Nicole just this week after Jess at I heart Recess was raving about it and I also I have the Reading and Literature Interactive Notebooks... so far, I personally perfect the Reading Interactive Notebook because it can go with ANYTHING -- not that the other is not well done and I have adapted and used it. But I just feel like the first one can go with a basal, a novel, or anything you're using because it's based on Common Core standards. I also love that the I Can statement is separate for students to glue in at the top of the notes page :) I might go back and get the Language one eventually but I really wanted a "fun" way for students to take reading notes right now... I was sort of in your situation with trying to mix up during reading time. So I bought two of three and gave it go... I'm not disappointed but I'm using my Reading Notebook theme lesson and figurative language handouts next week already :) :)

    Good luck making your choices!
    My Shoe String Life

  12. Yes, please tell me about the discounted Tieks! I am in desperate need of comfy, cute shoes!! And I am totally in love with the stand up desks! Going to have to investigate those!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  13. I went through all my shoes a few weeks ago. I love having them neatly organized to see what I have when I am getting ready in the morning. I also love your stand up desks! They are very cool!

    Rosie's Rambles

  14. Hi Diane!

    My Donors Choose project was funded this week, too! That desk looks interesting - how will you choose who gets to use it?

    Learning in the Little Apple

  15. Those desks look awesome!

  16. A teacher at our school has 5 of them! Sometimes, I go in her room and just stand and swing my feet! Love them! (Bet she loves that)
    My daughter and her friends are fanatics about the rubber bands! They are watching all kinds of YouTube videos...just found out they have been selling their creations at recess!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  17. Love the stand up desk! I have a couple kids who could definitely use that, though I wouldn't necessarily want those kiddos in the back of the room.

    I know exactly what you mean about shoes. I wear a size 9, and my daughter who is 20 and an inch taller than me wears a 6. What the heck happened there? Next to her I look like Bozo! Anything she wears looks adorable and on me...well, not so much.

    I hope I'm not still a no-reply blogger. I've fixed it twice! So frustrating. I enjoyed reading your blog today! :)

    Forever in Fifth Grade


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