Five for Friday - October 25

Monday we did our {Seven Reasons for Exploration} foldable booklet for our intro to explorers. I have been checking out all of the links in my Explorers linky and making a list of everything that I want to try this year. Good thing I have all quarter!


Then we did the Here Be the Dragons activity from {Teaching in Room 6}. We looked at the copy of the Carta Marina in our texts and took note of the sea creatures and other things going on there. That's one busy-looking map! I gave them a copy of a paper with Europe, Asia, and a part of Africa and asked them to create at least five sea creatures. I used Stephanie's template for them to write about each of the five creatures, but I added a few categories in the box. I knew that if I wasn't specific with what I wanted from this class, I wouldn't get it. So I added a place for them to name the creature, describe the appearance, and tell me why this creature should be feared. I got some really great map and descriptions! (Sorry if they're hard to read, but I didn't want you to have to scroll forever...)

Please consider buying {my blogging friend's clipart set}. The proceeds will help the injured animals from the recent Australian wildfires.

I FINALLY finished and uploaded a collection of {Native American review games and test materials}. I'm excited to get to work on some Thanksgiving ELA centers that have been floating around my mind for a while...

I got some kids trained this week for {The Walking Classroom}. They are really excited to do our first official walk next week. I hope that the weather cooperates!


  1. Great writing project! Totally lends itself to all the big points of Common Core. Good luck on you walking day!

    1. Thanks! I'm not able to reply to you by email because you're a no-reply blogger, but I'm not sure how to fix that in Typepad. Just wanted to let you know that I read and appreciate all of your comments :)

  2. I am hoping for good weather to come your way next week! Good luck with the walking classroom!

    Thank you for highlighting the clip art for such a good cause. I'm going to buy it and pin it.

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  3. Somehow I think I missed that you added Explorers to the SS linky! I'll need to review my posts and see if I even talked SS- we just finished explorers! LOL


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