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If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you already know that I'm slightly OCD when it comes to organization and such.

So when I have class sizes of up to 27 students and only 25 desks, I have to use two desks that don't match the rest of my desks. Grr. Anyway, these desks don't have much for storage - just a rack under the seat. Which is fine for middle schoolers that keep everything in their lockers, but our fifth graders do keep SOME things in the desks. I have them keep their textbooks and interactive notebooks in the desks, but there wasn't always enough room on the rack, so I had them use a container from Really Good Stuff.

As you can see, it didn't work that great.

So when {EAI Education} asked me to pick a new product to review, I knew that I had to give the Neat Seats a chance.

These were a cinch to attach to the seat. I found that I wanted to keep the large textbooks under the seat as before, because the pockets aren't deep enough to keep a bunch of thick books inside of it. However, they are roomy enough for the folders that I wanted to store. The top of the Neat Seat extends about 2-3 inches beyond the tops of the folders, so it would easily fit some oversized items. The Velcro closure isn't really necessary for my needs, but I could see this doubling as a take-home bag of some sort since it has a nice handle at the top. At $5 each, I feel that they are a good value. After checking out the website a little more, they offer bulk discounts if you wanted to outfit the whole class. NOTE - I just noticed that they are currently on sale for 4 assorted colors (green, purple, blue, and orange) for $19.95, but I am too lazy right now to fix the information in the picture.

If you are interested in these or any other item from EAI Education, use this free shipping promo code - FITMFS2014. This code is valid on all orders of $30+ with regular shipping exceptions applying (ie: cannot be applied to calculators, drop ship items, carpets, etc).


  1. Hi, Diane! Do you think the neat seats would store about 6 folders, a few binders, and a few notebooks? I teach first grade and tossed all my seat pockets a score school this year.

  2. Those are so NEAT! :) Couldn't resist! I wish I had open back chairs to use these - great price!


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