New Year's Blogging Resolution Linky

I have been thinking a lot about what I want this blog to be. I have done some posts that I'm not even interested in reading. So I've made some resolutions, and here they are.

I'm going back to my roots. When I started this blog, it was mostly ideas - classroom management ideas, project ideas, and organizational idea. As I got braver, I started adding in curricular activities that we were doing. That's when I felt like I was really connecting with everyone out there in the blogosphere, so I want to get back to doing mostly that. Occasionally, I would still like to do freebies and giveaways, because who doesn't like free stuff?!

So what am I going to stop doing? Self-promoting. Because, personally, I don't like to read blogs where all the blogger is doing is promoting their TpT products. Although I can think of about two exceptions to that opinion, but I knew that's what they did when I chose to follow them. Anyway, so I'm going to stop promoting on my blog just for the sake of promoting. However, I will share about one of my products if I use it in my classroom. I promote other people's products that I use, so I can promote my own that I use.

And there will be some company product reviews. Because, honestly, I like getting free stuff, too!

That being said, here is what you can expect if you follow me other places online in 2014:

Facebook - Updates on blog posts, sharing things that I find funny or true, sharing giveaways, update you on new products, and various flash freebie and sale announcements.

TpT - Product updates. I guess that's pretty obvious.

Pinterest - Pins from my blog, my TpT store, giveaways, and interesting things that I find. I also pin things for friends that ask me to help promote their products. Just being honest.

Instagram - Honestly, I don't post here a lot. If fact, not really at all. Maybe that will change in 2014, but I'm not making any promises.

If you would like to share your blogging resolutions for 2014 (whether it's content, frequency, commenting more, whatever), grab the graphic below and link up your post! Or you can simply tell us your blogging resolutions in the comments :)


  1. Diane, first, thank you for the state blog link up! It's been so fun discovering new blogs! Second, I completely agree with your blog resolutions! I myself just opened a TpT store 2 months ago and it became very easy to promote on the blog, but that wasn't why I start a blog in the first place! Your solution of showing how you use them in your classroom is a great idea! Thanks for the reminder. I could link up- but really, you stole the goals I have for myself :) Glad I found your blog and to be a new follower!

    1. Thanks, Kelli! I just didn't like the direction that it was going, and I wanted to refocus my blogging goals. Happy new year!

  2. Great post! I was thinking along the same lines. I only want to blog about what I do and use. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I'm with you Diane! When someone's post is all about selling products I don't even read it. I just go to the next blog. I like your policy! It is much more helpful to hear about how you used your product.
    Grade 4 Buzz

  4. Me too! I was thinking that I would like more photos of my class and what we're working on to be my primary focus with some freebies and TpT updates that are relevant. Thanks for your post!

  5. Thanks for starting this linky and sharing your goals. I have a blog post but it is only in my head so far...need to get it together - I guess that would be a resolution - actually getting my act together ahead of time!!! All the best to you and your family in 2014!

  6. Happy New Year Diane! I love how reflective you are of your blog-you've set some great goals for yourself! I notice you don't have getting your posts ready in advance because YOU are the master of this! I remember when I first started blogging, you gave me some tips to get organized with my posts...this year I'm going to do it! Thanks for hosting friend!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

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  8. I love this! I've been so focused on my own personal goals that I haven't thought a whole lot about my blogging goals! I will definitely put some thought into it and link up!

  9. Thanks for the awesome link up! I've only been blogging for 6 months, but I've learned a lot in that small amount of time! I love your goals and look forward to getting many great ideas from you in the new year!

    Keep Calm and Hoot On

  10. Thank you for your link up! What a totally refreshing view on the blogging world and I am right there with you. I appreciate your honesty and candor. I know we all started blogging to learn from others and becoming the best teachers we can be. Perfect way to remind us of that!


  11. I'm keeping my resolutions simple and measurable. I am keeping my focus on teaching even though I am retiring in June.
    I want to reach as many of my students as I can about the importance of school success. This is measured by their self-reporting and from their parents, too.
    Nothing is phasing me; not being evaluated on Common Core when my principal knows less than I do about it; not having a husband who just had major surgery and I'm missing the first day back to take him to the doctor.

  12. Hi Diane,

    Thanks for sharing your blogging goals for this year! I just posted my own blogging goals for this year, which also center around renewing my blog's focus (I'm in a new position at my school this year). Here's a link to my post - I'd love for you to check it out! Thanks for sharing your goals! Best wishes in the new year!


  13. Thanks for doing this linky party-now I need to find the time to go and read everyone's goals!!

    I only have 2 goals, but they seem HUGE to me!! One of them is opening a TPT store! Scary! :)



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