Tried It Tuesday(ish) - Stitch Fix

After seeing a lot of Facebook friends and fellow bloggers rave about {Stitch Fix}, I decided to give it a try!

When you register online, you fill out a style profile. I wasn't aware that I had a "style," but I went through the questions anyway. I was also able to give my sizes and body shape and all of that good stuff that I'm trying to change. Part of the profile had questions on what you would like to spend on each type of item. It was pretty thorough. I went ahead and paid the $20 styling fee (which is credited to your purchase of anything you keep) for my first box and scheduled it for delivery (with free shipping). Then I waited impatiently for about three weeks.

My first box arrived today. It was like Christmas!! It comes with a great little style guide so you can see how to coordinate and accessorize each item.

Here are the five pieces I received:

Angeline Airy Knit Open Cardigan

Isaac Floral Print Tab-Sleeve Top (that appears to match my quilt)

Denna Skinny Jean (!)

Corinna Striped Dolman Top

Bixby Panel Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse
I will keep two and send back the other three (in a prepaid envelope). If I kept all five, they would have taken 25% off the price. However, some of the things were not my style, which is the point of this service. They send you things a little out of your comfort zone to see if you might like them. Then you go to your online account, indicate which items you are keeping and sending back, and fill out some info about if you liked the style, fit, etc. so they can do a better job next time!

Now, we're going to have a little fun. Comment with the two items that you think I kept, and I will randomly choose one person who is correct to win a prize! The prize will be either $10 to spend in my TpT store -or- I will pay your $20 styling fee for your first box if you sign up with my {referral code}. You may comment only once, and I'm cutting off the guesses at 8:00 PM CST on January 24, 2014.

Note: I wrote this review on my own. Stitch Fix did not ask me to write this nor did they give me anything, but I do get a credit for people who sign up and order their first fix through my referral link.


  1. I'm going to guess the cardigan and the striped grey top. :) Thanks for the giveaway. This was fun! Have fun wearing your new items.

  2. How fun! I have never heard of this - but I'm intrigued!

    I think you kept the cardigan and the jeans :)

    Joy in the Journey

  3. Floral top and the jeans. That is an interesting assortment of items. Would you have picked out any of them if you saw them in the store?

  4. I am guessing the jeans and cardigan. Love the variety so they can fine tune the profile.

  5. I have not heard of them. That's such a neat idea, I'll have to look it up! Cute pieces
    Come visit Readbox!

  6. The jeans and the striped dolman top?

  7. cardigan and striped dolman top.

  8. I'm guessing the cardigan and floral print top. I have heard about Stich Fix several times. Maybe it's about time I tried them out. :)

  9. I agree with the others. I think you kept the jeans and striped top but the cardigan does look cute.

  10. I think you kept the jeans and the striped top. Everything looks so cute!

    Rosie's Rambles

  11. I got the same blue top in my Fix! Unfortunately it didn't fit so I had to send it back (just like everything else in the!) I think you kept the the floral top and the cardigan. I gave Stitch Fix a second try and ended up with a cozy leopard print scarf that I love!


  12. Striped top and Floral blouse?

    What a fun idea!
    Adventures in Multigrade

  13. Bixby panel top and the skinny jeans

  14. Isaac Floral Print Tab-Sleeve Top and the white cardigan. Neat concept!

  15. I'm thinking you kept the floral shirt and striped dolman. Or at least I would have. I like the cardigan, but there are other similar ones I like better with a slightly different bottom to them and texture.

  16. The skinny jeans and the dolman top. All of the items were super cute! Looks like fun.

  17. Floral and striped tops. I've heard of StichFix and kind of want to try it!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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  18. Ha-great contest! You kept the gray/black striped dolman and the white airy knit???

  19. This is clever, Diane! I've never heard of StichFix... it seems interesting! I'm going to guess you kept the cardigan and striped top.

    Tales of a Teacher

  20. This sounds interesting! Is it expensive? I think I'll click through on your referral to see what it's all about....


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