Five for Friday - February 21

It's been a while since I've done one of these. Let's see if I can remember how :)

Saturday was the beginning of a math bundle that some of my BBBs and I put together. You can read about my two previous posts about it {here} and {here}.

For a limited time, this bundle of ten products is $10.99 from {Educents}, which is about 70% off! And if you have never purchased from {Educents} before, your first purchase is 20% off… so it can be even cheaper! Click {here} to sign up for an Educents account. Click on the above picture to take you to the product if you already have an account!

My husband was out of the country for Valentine's Day, but he made up for it when he got home!
(Yes, that second picture is TEN boxes of Royce chocolate!)

Another snow day on Monday.

Got my second {Stitch Fix}. I wanted to model them all for you, but time got away from me. Maybe next time! It seems that I'm a sucker for black striped tops and skinny pants, since that's what I kept {last time}, too!

Did another painting class. This one is View of Mt. Fuji. I had a great Groupon for a local paint and drink studio, so some friends and I finally used it Wednesday night. I opted to omit the pagoda and do clouds instead. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I'm not sure why there are all of those horizontal stripes in the picture. On a side note, anyone have any tips on how to remove tempera paint from skin? :)

I'm not sure that I ever shared last month's with you. They started out as poppies, but I couldn't get them quite right, so I went with something more tulip-y. It looks better in person.

When I finally get some pictures taken, I'll have some fun things to share for the 13 colonies. Stay tuned!


  1. Love the paint and drink studios :) Such a fun idea and a great girl's night. I love the way your "tulips" turned out! They look beautiful :)

    XO, Kelly Anne

  2. Your art is fantastic - love seeing these pics - your house must look great!! I think Stitch Fix might have your number - you are doomed : )

  3. OMGosh! Your paintings are AWESOME (to quote my sixth graders)! How fun that you are able to use your talent in this way! We had ANOTHER snow day on Tuesday! Can you believe this winter? Spring can NOT come soon enough. Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. You are so artistic! Love the paintings. We have had 4 snow days on top of winter break - NOT what I wanted, but enjoyed time at home with my family:) Hope your year is going well.

    Kimberlee @ 2 Fulbright Hugs

  5. Love your paintings. You inspired me to try Stitch Fix- used your referral code, watch for it in March.

  6. Love your poppies/tulip painting! The colors are beautiful!


  7. So tell me about Stitch Fix. I keep hearing about it. Is it a great thing to do? I'm thinking of doing it when I get back after Korea.

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    1. When you register online, you fill out a style profile. You are also able to give your sizes and body shape and all of that good stuff. Part of the profile had questions on what you would like to spend on each type of item. It was pretty thorough. You pay a $20 styling fee (which is credited to your purchase of anything you keep), schedule your first delivery, and wait patiently :) When you get your fix, pick out what you want to keep and send the rest back in a prepaid envelope. Then you go to your online account, indicate which items you are keeping and sending back, and fill out some info about if you liked the style, fit, etc. so they can do a better job next time!

  8. I'm gonna need that tulip painting for my bedroom, ok? : ) I've been searching for over two years for the perfect picture to hang over my bed. Needs to be big and have fuschia. Your painting seems to fit the bill nicely....

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