Mathematical Monday - Decimal Task Cards

Today I am linking up with {Jess for her Mathematical Monday linky}. I am reviewing {Michele's} Decimal Task Cards or Scoot Game for all operations.

Even though I don't teach math on a daily basis, I helped the math teacher with some division RTI groups. In my high group of 33 students(!), we dove into multiplication and division with decimals, while other groups did more basic division.

About two weeks later, I was curious to see what the kids in my homeroom who were in my RTI group retained. Since these task cards cover all operations, I was able to divide my homeroom kids into four groups and not overwhelm anyone. Which reminds me, all of the operations have the same recording sheet! It made prep so easy!! It's also very ink-friendly.

The three lowest groups worked on addition and subtraction after a quick tutorial on lining up decimal points, and my highest group worked on multiplication and division. I let them move groups after they got a look at the problems so they could either challenge themselves or find something a little more on their level.

There was a great mix of story problems and straight-forward problems, and all operations had a variety of difficulty. Students were totally engaged the entire time, and they even knew that I wasn't taking a grade for this! We spent about 20 minutes on this, but we could have easily gone longer. For the early finishers, I checked their work and had them fix their mistakes. Then they became the official "checkers" for that operation.

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In case you were wondering about the black bands that the students are wearing in the pictures, they are part of a grant that our PE department received. They are similar to FitBits in that they track number of steps taken and other types of behavioral data. All students in our building (600+) wear them for a week, then the data is downloaded, compiled, and sent to the state. Pretty cool!


  1. Thanks for sharing my cards Diane! I'm glad your class could find them useful!

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  2. I love scoot games, my class loves scoot games - decimals, ummm. But what a great hook for this concept!

  3. Just went and purchased the bundle from Educents!! Thanks so much for sharing... I look forward to using some new games and activities!

    XO, Kelly Anne

  4. I love how you differentiated this! Great job.. I'm sure it made your kiddos like a normally not fun topic! The bundle looks great! :)



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