Five for Friday - March 28 {Freebie}

Early in the week, I noticed that my new potatoes were starting to grow eyes (again...). I remembered blogging about a {recipe} last year that was really good, so I pulled it out again and made it. Oh. Yum. Highly recommended if you need an easy side dish (or main dish) idea this weekend.

Yep. I bought it. I don't even know what it means ;)

Spring will come... someday!

I made these Elsa capes for my two girls. I need to attach the snowflakes accents, but my girls love them! I am pretty sure at this point they can reenact every scene...

The colors in this pic are horrid - the one on the left is light pink and the one of the right is light purple.

{Here} is where I found the easy tutorial. I actually did it myself instead of together because I'm a little (lot) OCD...

Note to self: When spending time creating a QR code project that you want students to do because you're too lazy to do whole-group instruction that day, make sure the iPods are available.

Plan B:

See {Chalk & Apples} for the rundown! She just posted about it on Wednesday, and I didn't want to be redundant! ;)

And two extra!

Freebie testing sign - 'tis the season!

I am joining some of my friends to participate in a Spring Cleaning Sale. This is probably the easiest spring cleaning that you will do.

1. Comment on all of the purchases you have made in TPT. Did you know that you get credit for leaving feedback? This adds up and you can get discounts when you check out.

2. Open your wish list and add the items to your cart that you just have to have to make it through the rest of the year!

3. Purchase these fabulous items with the credit earned from leaving feedback!

Click {here} to go to my store. I'm going to examine my wish list...


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