Monday Made It - Close Reading

Man, I haven't linked up with MMI for a long time, and I wish that I had something more creative to share. I've been working on April close reading texts, and they are finally done! So this will be a lame MMI, but maybe I'll come up with something crafty to share next month since I'm on break this week (Woo!).

Here is the awesomeness included inside! I tried to go away from the usual holidays...

High interest articles with three levels of differentiation...

Interactive notebook options...

They are on sale for 25% off today and tomorrow by clicking {here}. Or, pick up the Opening Day section as a freebie {here}.


  1. I'm always looking for new close reading activities. I'm off to check it out.

  2. This looks great! I am off to check it out too!

  3. Baseball opening day is an event I have shared with my college baseball playing son since he was 5.. he has been passionate since then!! Thank you for making my heart swarm with emotion! He is playing in Texas and it is killing me I can't be there for all of his games! I can't wait to use this in my class.. I have a few kids who will eat this up!!


  4. I am new to close reading and love finding new resources as I prepare to teach myself! I've downloaded your freebie and will also be purchasing the entire package. How do you suggest I start with using close reading in my classroom? My fifth graders struggle with vocabulary and comprehension and I feel that incorporating this will help strengthen those skills. I'm open to any help/direction you can give me! :_

    1. I would start with introducing annotations, or thinking notes. Read the text aloud and model what goes through your mind and show them how you would mark it. My kids know that there are no wrong answers in this part, so they really get into it. Let them discuss their markings with a partner. Once they are comfortable interacting with the text, then go back and highlight the answers to the "right there" type questions. Then start tackling the harder comprehension skills.


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