Five for Friday - April 11

Another week has passed (mercifully - it was testing week!), which means that it's time for another installment of Five for Friday!

On {Tuesday}, I reviewed the awesomeness that is {GoNoodle}. It is a great resource for free and engaging brain breaks. If you have any need for a brain break, I highly recommend signing up for a free account and trying it out for yourself!

Tuesday and Wednesday were taxing days. In more ways than one. But in one specific way, I was the Queen of England and my class was made up of my loyal (and some not-so-loyal) subjects. I hired two Parliament members and two tax collectors (by conveniently drawing the names of my most well-behaved students), and we taxed the bajeesus out of those poor colonists. Mwa-ha-ha! Here is the free resource that I used.

The only adjustment that I made was instead of handing out the candy, I handed out plastic counters and told them that they represented candy. Didn't want all of that candy to be handled by nasty hands.
Whatever they had left, they could trade in for that many M&Ms. (I ended up giving them all equal amounts after the simulation was over. Not in the mood for a parent encounter this week.)

Wednesday we started our poetry unit using Erin's {Interactive Poetry Notebooks}. I really liked this approach to teaching poetry. Lots of fun foldables and themes.

Got my shipment notification for my next Stitch Fix. Did you know that if you log into your Stitch Fix account after you get the shipment notification, you can see all of the names of the pieces they're sending you? Then you type those names into Pinterest, and you can usually get a good idea of what you're getting. The color isn't always the same, but you can see the style. Of course, some of you can wait. I do not happen to be one of those people...

I love this shirt. I wore it for testing yesterday, and I MAY have told some of the kids that they were the answers. Luckily, no one believed me ;)


  1. I read this during lunch today and had to show #4 to one of my coworkers because we both get StitchFixes, and were both way too excited when I figured this out last month! I'm not big on waiting for surprises either!
    Chalk & Apples

  2. This was our testing week too - so glad it is over! We still have one more week before Spring Break, and I think I may need to do a little taxing in my class as well - thank you for the link!

  3. Hi Diane. I'll have to check out the "No Taxation.." activity. Last week I gave your "History of my Name" paper for homework. It's pretty amazing that a lot of kids don't know how their parents picked their names.

  4. I must know where you got that T-Shirt. As a fellow Iowa teacher I feel that I absolutely need one.


  5. We had testing week this week too! My kiddos were troopers - and I'm glad it's over!

    I have heard SO many good things about - I'm going to try it out this week. I have a very "excitable" class (read: chatty, hyper, zany), so I'm worried that I won't be able to rein them back in after the "Brain Break"

    We're doing a whole bunch of poetry next week, so we're going to be using Erin's packet too - Great minds think alike :)

    Joy in the Journey

  6. We start our State Testing on Monday! I love Brain Breaks, so I'm going to utilize! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to get back to close reading after testing. Poetry sounds fun. I want a lot of fun from now until summer. I'm so over testing....


  7. I am certain that we will need brain breaks during our testing next week so I am thankful for the recommendation!


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