Thursday Throw Down - French and Indian War

This week we discussed the French and Indian War in my social studies classes. First, I created a cloze-type sheet to go with our textbook lesson on the war. At the top of the page, I made a large rectangle. I put a few rephrased paragraphs at the bottom with key words left out. Students used their textbooks to figure out the missing words. Then we discussed an illustration to draw in the rectangle that would show what the paragraphs were about. I didn't take pictures of that because it wasn't all that interactive. It did give me a nice excuse to draw for about ten minutes for each of the four pictures. I think that the students enjoyed that, too ;)

Then we started our new interactive notebooks for this unit. The first page is the domino effect that led to the American Revolution included in this book:

Then we did an activity from Jivey's {Causes of the American Revolution}. We treated the article like a close read, since we had already read about the French and Indian War in our textbooks. Since the foldable was about the causes and effects, I had the students mark the cause(s) they found with a C and the effects with an E. Then we transferred those to the foldable on the next page. The bottom of the page is reserved for a booklet from the hands-on book that we will finish tomorrow.

The students really love these interactive notebooks. And I even had a revelation to include the I Can statements on the different pages. I guess that if I see other people do that enough, it will sink in for me to do it ;)


  1. I know what you mean about the "I can" statements ~ I need to glue them in more too! :)

  2. I'm fascinated with this time period, probably because so much of it happened right in my own backyard so to speak. I can drive in an hour or less to Fort Ligoner, Fort Pitt, Fort Necessity, Bushy Run Battlefield. There's a historical marker less than a mile from my house that says General Braddock died here. Cool stuff.

  3. I really try to use I Can statements but sometimes I forget until one of my kiddos asks for the sentence!! I love the domino activity - that is a good idea.


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