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Just a quick little post to say that I'm lovin' these {end-of-the-year activities} from Erin at Lovin' Lit! The students had a awesome time drawing and learning about eight dangerous animals. The research and booklets took about three class periods to complete. I didn't get a picture of the finished booklets because they wanted them back right away.

Then we watched Homeward Bound and used the included worksheet to identify idioms, figurative language, allusions, and sound devices. The kids loved this movie so much. Just the right amount of kid humor, references to butts, and sentimental moments. We, I mean, they may have cried a bit. Or maybe it was allergy season. Anyway... The worksheet was just enough to keep student engaged without making watching the movie a chore.

I will share one little tip here. I don't own Homeward Bound, and the teacher on my team who does is recuperating at home after having surgery. So I wasn't about to ask her to bring it in. Since I'm not one to actually go to a movie rental place, I remembered that I can "rent" movies through Amazon Prime. It cost me $4, and I simply hooked my school laptop to the projector and away we went. I was able to finish the movie in two days. I believe that the rental expires two days after you start watching it, for a total of 72 hours. Anyway, it was the perfect amount of time, and no videos to return.

If you need something to get you through your last week of ELA classes, this is perfect. (And I know that at the time that I'm writing this, Erin has it on sale.)


  1. I used Erin's pack to end my year too. My students LOVED all the information about the dangerous animals. It was funny because one of my kiddos kept insisting that Honey Bees weren't dangerous, but he had never heard of the Africanized version. Unfortunately I couldn't find a copy of Homeward Bound (I had a brain fart, and I thought I owned it, but I was wrong and I couldn't find a copy last minute).

  2. Thanks so much Diane! I appreciate your sharing about the pack and I'm glad your students liked it. I can never get enough of Homeward Bound, and you're so right about the "right amount of butt" humor. :) Erin

  3. "Just the right amount of kid humor, references to butts, and sentimental moments." Haha such a true statement!! I will definitely be checking this out. And who doesn't love Homeward Bound!? Thanks so much for sharing :)

    XO, Kelly Anne

  4. Mine have too! I actually found the DVD for the first and second movie at Sam's. The kids like the first movie so much, they are begging to watch the second!


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