Wordless Wednesday and Friends of the Fives - 6/25/14

Any jobs you're dreading this summer?

And now I'd like to welcome my guest blogger, Lucy from Kids Math Teacher!

Hi Fifth in the Middle readers!

I'm Lucy Ravitch at Kids Math Teacher.  I started my blog in April of 2013 in hopes to give great resources for Elementary School Teachers and parents.  Here are possible questions you may be thinking...

Who made your awesome logo?
Great question!  I designed it, but I hired a person on Odesk to digitally make it.  He had made a logo for another friend that turned out amazing as well.

What has been your most popular post?

At 1500 views it would have to be my post More Fractions with Egg Cartons.  I really love doing fractions with egg cartons.  It is a strategy I learned in my teaching courses at college and I love to teach it!  I'm very happy it's my top post.

Any posts that surprised you with popularity?

Yes, I did not realize how many teachers are searching for info on composite shapes!  My Math activity Thursday post with composite shapes has had almost 900 views... Who knew?

Any posts you thought were awesome but haven't had much attention?

Yep.  My kids loved doing this activity!  The picture says it all!

What are some of your favorite products you've made?

So happy to share... One of my favorites is my original story Trouble with Monkeys: A place value story.  
It teaches the ones through millions place with a boy trying to pack oranges at his Dads packing facility.  Oranges go from singles into bags of ten, to boxes of a hundred, and so on until they ship off a cargo ship of a million oranges.  They are really mischievous monkeys!  I even made a video of me reading it : )

My favorite FREE product I made was probably my ice cream scoops...

I like drawing food... I know, that might be weird.  It turns out it may also be helpful : )

I have a collection of children's novelty books that I have been working on for several years that are pretend menus, kids play with them by ordering from each other and playing with money.  It's a great hands-on math experience!  I plan on independently publishing it and running a Kickstarter campaign for it this coming January.  I'd love for anyone interested in updates about Kids Menu Books to sign up for my monthly newsletter on Kids Math Teacher.  You can also check out kidsmenubooks.com right now and print off free play money to use (I call it 'menu money').

Anything else you think teachers would like to hear about?

I did start a Google + community about a year ago.  It is called Elementary School Teachers.  I made it so teachers could share and support each other.  Teachers can share their blogs, pins they love, teacher store products, share stories or teaching tips.  I was hoping there could be some great relationships made by matching up teachers from all over the web.

Thank you so much Diane for hosting me and my blog!  I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

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  1. I can relate to your picture, toys, toys, and more toys! Great post by Lucy!

  2. I have a "junk room" that's been patiently waiting and waiting for summer to be cleaned out... I feel ya on that!

    Sprinkles for the Teacher

  3. I should really clean out our loft too, but I don't want to tackle it yet!! Good luck with your daughter's room!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  4. Hmm, that looks like a keep the door shut solution. What frustrates me about the kids' toys is I force a clean up, and the next time I look, it looks like I didn't touch it.

  5. Let me just say that there will be a time when you walk into that room and you will miss that mess. Enjoy it while you can as kids grow up far too fast!

  6. I have an office/craft room that looks a lot like that. Supposedly the things I have pilled in there are for a yard sale. Funny thing is, I have going to have this yard sale since April!!!! If we don't get it done by the time school starts, I see a huge donation to Goodwill/Salvation Army in my near future!
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

  7. Thanks again Diane for having me as a guest! I can TOTALLY relate to that toy room!!! I made my toy room near an open area next to the dining room so I don't have an option to close the door so it gets cleaned up at least every other day. Take care!
    Kids Math Teacher

  8. I definitely have a job I am dreading - It's called my room! When I don't know where to put something, it ends up in my room...somewhere....


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