School Year Goals 2014-2015 {Linky}

Even though it's over a month away, my BBB {Jess} created a fun linky and has me thinking about my goals for next school year. (Who isn't, right?! On a side note, what's wrong with us? Why can't we just enjoy summer?!)

So, here goes.

Last year went fairly well. Little did I know that it would be my fifteenth and final year in the district. It was our first year with Journeys, and that proved to be challenging at times. We had to cut things so we weren't on the same story for ten days. I was more purposeful with implementing INBs in ELA as well. I had only done them in social studies, so doing them in ELA seemed logical.

Social studies went very well. I was able to stay on schedule while still implementing some fun, hands-on activities. I also did more centers and used QR codes.


Personal: I need to make new friends. However, I want to continue the friendships I have made in my old district, even though they're 20+ miles away. Thank goodness for Facebook!

Organization: The classroom that I will be in has very little storage. This will be a challenge.

Planning: Now that I'll be mostly self-contained, I need to start having that mentality again when it comes to planning. More to plan and less time to plan it.

Professional: I have no working knowledge of my new school district. This year will be spent learning about the district culture, dynamics, and expectations.

Students: I will only have 20 students this year, as opposed to the 25-28 that I had last year. Hooray!!

Motto: Long commute, make-shift room - It will only be for one year while a new elementary is being built, then I will be transferred to a school closer to home.


  1. Good Luck at your new school and hopefully you make lots of new friends... :o)

  2. I totally understand your dilemmas. Luckily I am just moving to the school literally right next door. You always have amazing ideas and seem upbeat... I'm sure you'll do great!

  3. Good luck at your new school! I know long commutes are not fun but they give you lots of time to think about your day that way when you get home you can focus on other things! My commute is 45mins to an hour each way, plenty of time to think :)

    My Crazy Life

  4. Good luck! The year will fly by, and you'll be wondering where it went. Smaller class sizes are fun-I hope you enjoy yours!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  5. Great goals Diane! Good luck at your new school! :)


  6. Thanks for linking up friend! I am right there with you on your personal goal. Love your motto! :)


  7. only 20!! I long for that many. I have 29 4/5th graders, and struggle majorly!!
    Learning to be awesome

  8. What grade will you be teaching this year?


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