A Flurry of Pictures Update

Wow. Things are so stupid crazy right now! We've been busy, busy, busy, and I feel that I haven't posted for a long time. So here's what we've been doing...

US Cellular funded another big Donors Choose project for me. Last year, it was two stand-up desks. This year, it was close to $1000 worth of hardcover books and baskets for my classroom library!

Last week was conferences. Had a 4-8pm session on Tuesday, 1:30-4:30pm on Wednesday, and 8am-8pm on Thursday. Since students weren't at school on Thursday, the contractors ground and refinished the cement floor in the classroom next to me. All. Day. Loud and smelly. HOWEVER, I came home to these beauties that my husband and four-year-old daughter picked out from the "flower orchard" while my oldest was at Girl Scouts.


Made these.


Bundled these.

My kids still love The Walking Classroom. Learning all sorts of fun facts!

Made these for conferences (idea from Runde's Room).

Maximo still helps us stretch in the morning, though some of my students still don't get that his questions are redundant. Do any of your students not understand the purpose of these stretches and can't handle it? I have a few who just don't get the point and think it's an opportunity to show off.

Got a {Stitch Fix}.

If you're starting your Halloween planning, here's a linky from {The Teacher's Desk 6}.

I linked up one of my first products, {Candy Corn Math}.

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  1. You HAVE been crazy busy! I would love to know more about The Walking Classroom and Maximo. :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle


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