Five for Friday - November 21

I just cannot get back into the swing of blogging! When I'm not working or with family, I'm busy trying to complete the next month's close reading product. And I don't want to blog about those all of the time because blogs that only blatantly self-promote really bother me. So I'll see if I can finish this post before dinner arrives :)

My kids are really loving flashlight Friday. {Joanne} blogged about it forever ago, but I just started trying it this year. These are the flashlights I ended up getting.
They were only $10 when I bought them, but they appear to be more now. At this point in the year, about 15 are dead, but I think that I can change the batteries if I want. But maybe not.

They are also loving these holiday coordinate pictures. I have several of hers, and they are incredibly popular. Right now we are working in the first quadrant, but they have options for four quadrants.

Today we attempted to escape from slavery. I know that I've mentioned {} before, but it is seriously awesome. And free. I had to make the kids promise me that they wouldn't do it over the weekend!

Trying to find a way to get rid of some extra pounds while still being productive. Finding time for exercise is so not a priority for me. I ordered this Desk Cycle, and it arrived on Tuesday. Put it together last night and rode (that doesn't seem right) it for 45 minutes tonight while watching a basketball game. Baby steps!

I don't have a visual for this one, but for the first time in my 16-year career, I took my daughter to a Girl Scout roller skating party and saw a few of my students. For the first time ever, I work in the community in which I live (kind of), so I occasionally see my students outside of school. It's kind of nice, and it's not something that I ever thought that I wanted. A few weeks ago, I even attended a basketball game of a few of my fifth grade boys. They were thrilled that I came, and so were their parents. I feel very fortunate that I now have this opportunity to work closer to home. It has been a real change and somewhat stressful, but it will be a great thing for my family.


  1. I live very near school, too. I don't mind seeing my students at all. It is always a funny reaction when a "Mrs. Wright sighting" occurs. Especially funny when I get an enthusiastic greeting each time I come around the corner of every aisle in the grocery store and see the same student again :) Nothing like kindergartners! See you around! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. When I first started teaching, I was subbing at my high school. It was fun to be back in my old building and working with many of my own teachers. What wasn't so fun, though, was that these high school kids worked EVERYWHERE in town, and sometimes I just didn't want to be running to them. I don't need my students dispensing my prescriptions at the pharmacy, ya know?! :)

  3. I used to run into my students all the time at Walmart and Target. They were always so shocked! What? Teachers don't live at school and actually have a life?
    Southern Fried Teachin’


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