2014 Stitch Fix Keepers

I'm telling you up front that this post is not teaching related. At all.

I decided to take a look back at 2014 and the {Stitch Fix} pieces that I ended up keeping. And I've come to the conclusion that if they send me a dolman shirt, I will keep it...

Out of everything above, I love both of grey the dolmans, the aqua v-neck/cowl thingy, and the boyfriend jeans. Everything is just so comfy! I think that I am going to back off on the frequency of the shipments, though. First of all, it does get expensive. I'm not going to lie about that. And my most recent fixes have kind of been "misses". I am NOT sharing those pictures. However, I think that the experience has helped me to know what kinds of things I can try on and I might be pleasantly surprised.

Here is my {Tried It Tuesday post about Stitch Fix} so you can see how it works if you are interested in trying it out for yourself. Disclaimer: I get a credit in my account for people who sign up through me and order. Not going to hide that fact. But only sign up if you really want to try it. No pressure ;)


  1. I signed up for Stitch Fix a couple months back....I think I am on fix #5 now?!? I can't remember...... Anyway I usually ALWAYS love what is in my fix....but last time was a total miss! I do love getting my fix...I hope next time is better! I should start blogging about my fixes and take pictures....but I just can't master the "cool mirror pic." Ha!

    Mind Sparks

  2. My second one comes at the end of the month. I kept the two shirts, and would have kept the awesome scarf, but in AL I had no reason to. I liked the jeans too but they were too big.. I won't complain about that.. it was nice to tell them to go down a size... LOL
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