Easy Grouping {Bright Idea}

I came across this idea as I was visiting a neighboring classroom. She has different "cozy spots" for free reading, but there are certain students who can't be near each other for reasons that I'm sure that I don't have to explain to anyone who has taught for more than a day. She used to assign them to different areas of the room based on their table groupings, but that didn't always keep those certain students apart.
She solved this problem by taking out a sheet of sparkly smiley stickers and grouping students by sticker. That way she could thoughtfully (and permanently) separate those students who should never be in the same cozy areas and not have to worry about their table groups. Each student had a sticker put on his or her name plate.
She enlarged and made color copies of the stickers and put them on the board. Now she can rotate where each group goes and not have to worry about who is in each group.

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Use a sticker on student name tags as a quick and easy grouping idea!

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