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When {A+ Images} offered to send me a free custom t-shirt to advertise myself, I jumped at the chance. Not that I wanted to wear it to school or anything, but I had plans to go to the TpT conference in Vegas. Since I really don't use my picture anywhere, I wanted something that would identify me to people that had only met me online. (It can get awkward trying to see everyone's name tag.)

I will also tell you that I have another shirt or two from A+ Images, so I knew that it would be a good experience. After I filled out the form, they notified me that my blog image's resolution was too small. After many back-and-forth emails, that issue was finally resolved. The designer was so nice that she even offered to try to recreate my image for me. Luckily, I didn't need to take her up on that, but it was still nice of her to offer. After all, I was getting this shirt for free!

My shirt arrived very quickly, and it was just as awesome as I had hoped it would be. It totally served its purpose. Here is a picture of me with other bloggers at the conference.
If you don't need/want a custom shirt, they have a wide selection of {teacher apparel}, too! I have this one...
Thanks, A+ Images! I will be doing business with you again!

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  1. Love the T-Shirt!! Looks like Vegas was a blast! Miss chatting with you!



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