Following Directions

One of the challenges of the first week of school is trying to find a good balance of the required teaching of rules/expectations and easing students into some academic work.

During the back-to-school TpT sale, I bought Rachel Lynette's {Following Directions} task cards. I thought that it looked like a lot of fun, yet the students would have to use some math and literacy skills to complete it.

I originally scheduled one class period for this. I wanted my students to work together at their tables to complete it since I have a wide variety of reading levels as well as a few ELL students. I gave each table one sheet of four directions, and they were to take turns reading them to each other. When they finished the sheet, then I would give them another one. That was the plan, anyway.

Oh. My. Gosh. This product was a lot more (appropriately) challenging for my students than I thought. The directions are complex and usually involve more than one step. There was some serious teamwork and problem-solving going on in the groups. Lots of concentration. Lots of rereading. But the students were not discouraged. Needless to say, I needed to have this activity bleed over into next week, which is a good thing since I have to be out of the classroom for a training on Tuesday morning.
We'll see how much they get done while I'm gone, but I anticipate this will take a few more half-hour chunks of time for them to complete. I may also use this as a reading workshop rotation or morning work over the course of the month since it is something that requires a little more brain power.

Can't wait to see the finished products!

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  1. Thanks for the idea, Diane! Of course, you can guess that my next click will be TpT!

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