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If you own a Scotch laminator, use this tip to help maximize your pouches.
So it seems that many of you jumped on the laminator bandwagon this summer. I know that you're very happy that you did. As soon as you print something out, you want to laminate it immediately. Am I right?!

I'm right there with you. I just got {these clock numbers} cut out and ready to laminate. Look at the genius going on in this laminating pouch.
And as you're aware, there are twelve numbers on the clock, thus...
So, I either wait until I have something else or just do the whole page and waste the rest.

Run it through the laminator. When I'm sure that my little bit has been laminated, move the release lever and quickly take it out. Cut off the unused part (make sure that you cut through a part that has been laminated so you leave a new sealed edge) and it's ready to go for next time! I just blew your mind, didn't I?! You're welcome ;)

Disclaimer: I'm not sure if Scotch would approve of this technique. You could also turn off the machine and pull it out that way. I leave it on, however, in case my things didn't get totally laminated so I can run them through again and wait a little longer. Plus, I feel that I need to be quick to maximize the unused pouch.


  1. Thanks for sharing that wonderful idea! I will definitely try it out!!!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. Aren't you the clever gal!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!! No more waste. LOVE it!

  3. Whoa - game changer! Love this tip. I had never thought of it before. Thanks for sharing. :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  4. I was just wondering as I looked at your pictures...what about cutting the laminating pouch in half and doing it half at a time. Would that work? I must try it out when I get back from my holidays. Otherwise, I will try out the way you are showing. Thanks.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury

    1. You could cut it in half length-wise so you have two long and narrow pouches, as long as you feed in the sealed edge first.

  5. I don't have this kind of laminator, by the one at my school uses pouches that go inside a cardboard carrier. I cut the lamination film prior to running it through the machine if I don't need the whole thing.

  6. Just a word of caution...the instructions say that you have to put the sealed side of the pouch in to the laminator first, otherwise the glue from the laminating film could seep in to the laminator's rollers and ruin the machine. VERY careful! :-)

    1. It's hard to see, but it the last picture, I cut it through the lamination so that I make a new sealed edge.

  7. I'd been wondering about doing this. Thanks for experimenting!

  8. Thanks for sharing this!!! What a great idea!


  9. Kabooom! Did you hear my mind being blown???? I just got my laminator this week. And have my little pile waiting for smaller things to place around the edges to avoid waste. Now I canmove forward! Thanks for being our guinea pig :)


    Fluent in Fourth

  10. What a great tip! My mind is officially blown!

    Thanks so much,
    My Shoe String Life
    Follow me on Bloglovin'

  11. Hi Diane, I'm your newest follower... I've been reading your blog for a long time but now I finally have one of my own. I also teach 5th grade and your blog has been an inspiration for me! I have been on a laminating frenzy this week so thanks for the awesome tips :)

    Floating Through Fifth

  12. Hi Diane,

    I'm thinking of investing in a laminator. Do you like yours? Any advice would be helpful. How do you write on your pictures? Do you use a special program? I have one on my Iphone but not my computer. Is it photoshop?

    I really liked reading your blog today! First timer here. :)


    The Perks Of Teaching Primary

    1. You are a no-reply blogger, so I'll have to respond here. I LOVE my laminator. The Scotch brand is very reasonably priced around $25. I have had mind for two years and I don't know what I'd do without it :) As for writing on my pictures, I just put them in PowerPoint and used a text box on top!

  13. Oh my goodness! That is such a simple super idea. I HATE wasting the laminating pouch! Thanks!

  14. Now I feel silly for not thinking of this. DUH! Thank you!! =)

  15. Thanks, Diane,
    What a great tip!
    I've been reading your blog for ages, but I finally remembered to click on Bloglovin.
    Now I'm glad to be an "official" follower.

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  16. Ooh, thank you for this idea! The pouches always seemed like a waste to me. Now that Iknwo this works I may reconsider and splurge on one!

  17. This is brilliant! I didn't even realize my laminator had a release button on it. This little tip will help my ocd later on too!

    Funds of Knowledge

  18. I cut mine the same as a hot dog fold and save the other side for other small pieces. It still leaves the sealed end

  19. I have been debating getting a laminator. There's one on sale at Staples for a whole $100 off!! Decisions, decisions. I just started following your blog!

    The Adventures of a New Third Grade Teacher

    1. I use the $25 one from Target. Or Amazon. It's the Scotch brand, and it does everything I need it to! :)

  20. Hello - Blog and laminator rookie here, but a pressing question has prompted me to peek my head out and ask...

    You mentioned 'running it through again' if it wasn't well laminated - I have been wondering if I can do this! Will it not 'burn' the paper or cause the glue to seep out? Should I lower it to the thinner setting the second time through? I'd love any suggestions you could give. And thank you!


    1. You are a no-reply blogger, so I hope you check back here.

      I haven't experienced any problems by running things through the machine again, but then I don't do it very often. In cases that I mentioned above, I will, or if I wasn't patient enough to let it get hot enough, I'll do it again. But in my experience, I can't get rid of that little pocket of unlaminated area right around the item, no matter how many times I try again.

      Hope that helps!

    2. Thanks so much for your help - yes, that little pocket was just what I was wondering about in most cases. I will live with it - the overall benefits certainly outweigh this little issue!!!

      Happy Labor Day!


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