Bright Idea - How to Quickly Write Thorough Sub Plans

Spending some time creating a sub plan template will save you time and energy on days you have to be gone from your classroom.

One of the many disadvantages of commuting long distances to work is waking up sick or having a child wake up sick. I could never drag myself into school for a few minutes to get sub lesson plans together like many of my coworkers could.

Here is what I have come up with to help with my unexpected absences.
This is especially helpful if I want the sub to continue what I've been teaching. If you have a sub tub, then make sure that it's up-to-date.
When I'm home trying to think through where everything is when I write my plans, it's helpful when everything is typically in the same place.
Long ago, I started keeping a sub lesson plan template on my computer. Back then, I had a laptop that I took back and forth to school. Now I have a school laptop that stays at school and a home laptop. I can store the template on my home laptop or upload to Google Drive so I can share between the two. Once I update the template with the day's plans, then I attach them in an email to the school secretary and/or one of the other fifth grade teachers (whoever I think will check email first) so they can print them off for the sub.

Here is an example of my plan template. I have one for every day of the week since no two days have the same schedule:
When I am half-asleep in the AM, I don't want to have to remember every little detail on how my class runs. That's why the template is so helpful. I've already thought about my daily routines ahead of time and have (hopefully) coherently written them out when I'm not sick or worried about cleaning up vomit.
In this day and age when technology is a part of almost every lesson, it's really important to outline how everything works. Unless a sub works in only one building/district, chances are that everyone has something different. Even different versions of the same company's technology operate differently.
The stuff in red is the only part that I need to update when I'm going to be gone. I usually have my plans done in less than a half-hour since I have all of the routine stuff done.

Spending some time creating a sub plan template will save you time and energy on days you have to be gone from your classroom.

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A Flurry of Pictures Update

Wow. Things are so stupid crazy right now! We've been busy, busy, busy, and I feel that I haven't posted for a long time. So here's what we've been doing...

US Cellular funded another big Donors Choose project for me. Last year, it was two stand-up desks. This year, it was close to $1000 worth of hardcover books and baskets for my classroom library!

Last week was conferences. Had a 4-8pm session on Tuesday, 1:30-4:30pm on Wednesday, and 8am-8pm on Thursday. Since students weren't at school on Thursday, the contractors ground and refinished the cement floor in the classroom next to me. All. Day. Loud and smelly. HOWEVER, I came home to these beauties that my husband and four-year-old daughter picked out from the "flower orchard" while my oldest was at Girl Scouts.


Made these.


Bundled these.

My kids still love The Walking Classroom. Learning all sorts of fun facts!

Made these for conferences (idea from Runde's Room).

Maximo still helps us stretch in the morning, though some of my students still don't get that his questions are redundant. Do any of your students not understand the purpose of these stretches and can't handle it? I have a few who just don't get the point and think it's an opportunity to show off.

Got a {Stitch Fix}.

If you're starting your Halloween planning, here's a linky from {The Teacher's Desk 6}.

I linked up one of my first products, {Candy Corn Math}.

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