Exit Slip Board {Bright Idea}

I had wonderful plans to recreating this idea that I saw in a coworkers classroom (and I am posting about with her permission). However, with testing and life in general, that didn't get done. So I'll just share the pic I took and you can imagine the possibilities along with me. Or maybe it will remind you of something you've already seen.

Here's what I like about this one in particular. There are post-it-note-sized places for kids to put their notes. The whole thing is then laminated. I would also add student numbers to the post-it note placeholders so I could quickly see who didn't stick up one. Or you could use a dry erase marker or Vis-a-vis marker to mark their spots with their names. Ah, maybe this will go on my fall to-do list :)

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Perimeter/Area Anchor Chart

Just a quick little post to share an anchor chart I made to help my students visualize the difference between area and perimeter.

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