Third Quarter No Late Work Club

With our new assignment policy, we have decided to make our No Late Work Club celebrations quarterly instead of monthly. This way we can reward those students who have truly made efforts to turn in their work on time. For those of you who missed our assignment policy, here it is again with a few adjustments.

Fifth Grade Assignment Policy

(per quarter)

1st Late Assignment


2nd Late Assignment

15-Minute Classroom Detention

Parents Contacted

3rd Late Assignment

30-Minute Lunch Detention

Parents Contacted

4th Late Assignment

45-Minute Main Detention

Parents Contacted

5th Late Assignment

45-Minute Main Detention

Parents Contacted

ASP 3x/Week

6th Late Assignment and Beyond

Students will continue to serve a main detention for every additional late assignment.

If ASP is unsuccessful after two weeks, parents will be required to attend a meeting to discuss alternative solutions, such as Saturday restitution or in-school suspension.

ASP is our mandatory after-school program for students who struggle to get work done. This system may seem punitive, but it has been very effective. The "oops" acknowledges that everyone makes a mistake once in a while and it won't count against them. Very few students got more than two late assignments the whole quarter. The students who were chronic offenders were the same five to seven students that we had already targeted as needed extra support and interventions. And, as a side note, students with IEPs and 504s had the same accommodations for this policy, ie. if they are allowed double-time on assignments, then their work isn't considered "late" until then.

Anyway, all students that had no late assignments or one late assignment were eligible for this quarter's party. We decided to go with a spring/St. Pat's/Easter theme. We had three stations - a coloring contest, minute-to-win-it games, and an ice cream sundae bar.

Students went on a quick Easter egg hunt to find an egg. Inside was a piece of candy and the name of the first station they would attend. They spent fifteen minutes at each station. Here are some pictures of the fun!
Waiting to be found
Minute to Win It - Stack the Rings
Ice Cream Sundae
Coloring Contest
Minute to Win It - Ball Bounce (Bounce the ball on the table and try to make it in the small floating dish.)
Minute to Win It - Cereal Box Puzzles (Beat the other team and put your puzzle together first.)
Minute to Win It - Pass the Luck (Using only a straw, pass the clover down the line of students.)
Minute to Win It - Stick Catch (Balance a stick on the back of your hand and catch it in one motion. Keep adding another stick.)

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  1. I love your minute to win it ideas! I may need to do this on Friday (it's the last day before our spring break!)
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. Where did you find the coloring sheets? Your party looks fun!


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