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Two weeks ago, I shared my "secret person" thing that I'm doing with the prize line. Right now, my prizes are down to school supply items and baggies of suckers. But two of the most popular items don't cost me a cent!


Specifically, coupons for trading desks for a day and using a special chair. (Click on either picture to download your free copy.)
We are departmentalized, so students don't actually store their items in their desks. Well, they're not supposed to anyway. So trading desks for a day is really easy. First, it's just in my room, so the other teachers don't have to deal with it. Second, I don't have to deal with them sitting next to their friends all day. It's only a period or two. Totally tolerable. And free. It cracks me up to see how other friends negotiate with someone who has the coupon so it's a win-win situation for the displaced student as well. Or if they trade places with so-and-so, then so-and-so gets to sit by his "girlfriend." Too funny.

The other coupon is for a "special" chair. A few years ago, all of the rolling chairs in the computer lab were replaced, and I snagged one or two to use in my classroom. The intent was to use them for when I sat at the overhead or guided reading table or whatever because, hey, they were padded. Turns out, kids don't like sitting in hard chairs all day either. So earning a coupon to use a more comfortable chair for a day is pretty motivating, too!
Free classroom coupons



  1. My kids love using the rolly chair as a reward too! :)
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  2. Excellent suggestions. My kids love to sit at my desk, be in charge of Kickboard (our PBIS system... they enter the deductions and additions for me), free time on my iPad, and to be my ppt clicker. Easy and free!

  3. Isn't it funny how students love that rolling teacher chair??!! I have one too, but my teacher of the day gets to sit in it-I like it as a reward! Thanks for sharing and linking up!
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  4. I love it when the easy and free things are the ones that do the trick!


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