Tried It Tuesday - Truffula Trees

This week for Tried It Tuesday, I'm going to share something that I did last year. When The Lorax was out in theaters, there were a whole bunch of Lorax-themed projects floating around Pinterest. I did The Lorax with my fifth graders for Earth Day, and I made these truffula trees for my room. The original pin is {here}.

Here are my trees:

There were pretty easy. The most difficult part was to figure out how to make them stay on the wall. I actually used the tufts as decoration in my room this year. You can make them out in the corners of the room from my first day of school picture.

And on another totally unrelated note, it drives my Type-A personality bonkers when I'm using a teacher-made unit that has so many inconsistencies in formatting that I just want to redo the entire document. Even if that document is hundreds of pages long (which it is in this case). Does that bother anyone else, or just me? Like, how hard is it to align things so that when I cut them out it doesn't take forever? And if you're color-coding something, why can't you use the same shade of that color throughout the document? Rest assured, none of this is directed at any of you (I don't think - I guess I don't know who might be following me...). I'm too passive-aggressive to actually say anything to the teacher. ;) And along those lines, if you ever download one of my products and you see inconsistencies, PLEASE let me know! I promise you that I will NOT be offended or think that you are being nit-picky!


  1. Ugh! I'm the same way! I have this OCD need for everything to be even and aesthetically pleasing. I only allow certain students to hang things on my walls because it has to look just right!

  2. OhMyGolly!
    I was just thinking that this morning when I had to cut task cards in "singles"--not easy to do on a paper cutter--because I couldn't make a cut anywhere across the whole paper!

    I love when I read stuff like this rather than thinking I'm the only one... thanks, Diane!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. I think if you paid for the item, you should say something. Offer it as a suggestion to help them improve their product. If it is on TPT, it may cost them future business.

    Just a suggestion!

    1. Well, it was something that I got for free from another teacher, so I'm not sure that I should rip it apart. I think that they are selling it on TpT, but I think that I'll just discretely redo it this summer... ;)

  4. Hi Diane,

    I love those trees - so colorful!

    I blogged about your Jelly Bean Math today for Tried It Tuesday. My students really enjoyed the activity.

    Learning in the Little Apple

    P.S. I sent my Dick's card off to Katie the champion tonight!

  5. So how did you get your trees to stay? The ones I put up on a bulletin board ... well, shall we just say idle hands were constantly pulling out the pins. Dunno if I will do it next year. Constant battle ... look with eyes and not hands. :/

  6. I love the Lorax!! I know what you mean about products. I just printed some cards last week and when I cut them out, there were 2 pages out of 20 that weren't lined up with the other. Then, those cards on the two pages were ruined. I try to think of those things when making my own products but that is probably why I don't have many products because it takes me FOREVER to make them:) Thanks so much for linking up, Diane!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  7. Your trees are so cute!

    I am ABSOLUTELY the same way. I spend so much time trying to be sure everything aligns and has a consistent look. I certainly want to know if any of my products have those problems. Certain things just make me batty!

  8. I love those trees! So awesome!! Hmmmm, I may have to try them myself sometime soon...

    And I know exactly what you mean about consistency in a document...I'm kinda thinking I know what document you may be talking about...but maybe not...I had a similar experience recently...ugh!

    And I'm the same- if it's my document that's doing that, just tell me so I can fix it because I don't want it to be hard on others!! :O)

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. This was something from a colleague, so probably not the same one :)

  9. Those trees are awesome!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!


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