Optimum Organization - Tracking Late/Missing Assignments

This week I'm going to share how my team keeps track of students' late/missing assignments and making sure that we follow through with the consequences.

First of all, here is a review of our assignment policy. It applies to work done in class as well as any assignments that we send home. It resets at the quarter, and students who didn't go beyond the Oops get to be in our {No Late Work Club} party.

1st Late Assignment - Oops
2nd Late Assignment - 15 minutes after school
3rd Late Assignment - 30-minute lunch detention
4th Late Assignment - 45-minute after school detention
5th+ Late Assignment - 45-minute after school detention and ASP 3x/week

Our kids rotate between at least three teachers. We wanted kids to know that we were communicating with each other. I created a Google spreadsheet with all of the students and consequences listed. I shared the spreadsheet with the other teachers so we all had access. When a student had a late or missing assignment, that teacher entered the assignment information under the appropriate consequence. We also have the locker listed because we put locker signs on the lockers of the students who qualified for the party. We also incorporated behavior into the last party of the year, so that's why you see the behavior column. It has worked pretty well this year and plan to continue it next year!

And isn't it funny that something so simple turns out to be a huge hit?! My post on the {name stick holder} from last week currently has 2300 views! The power of Pinterest :)


  1. I love that you and your team work together to keep track of where the kids are. I think it is so important to communicate when you are teaching the same kids! Using a Google Doc to keep track was a great idea.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. I love this idea. Unfortunately, our principal is changing our homework policy quite a bit and I'd have to figure out a way to reframe it so it doesn't look like punishment to him. Our team held 'study hall' this year during recess to give students a chance to finish missing assignments. Apparently we won't be able to do that this coming year. I'm curious to see how much homework will be turned in without any consequences in place.

  3. We've had an issue with this at our school. We aren't allowed to keep kids after school, and our principal announced a couple weeks before school was out that we are no longer allowed to have kids work during recess. We're also only allowed to have recess 4 days a week now.

    The only "consequence" we can put into place is a call home.

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason

  4. What a great way to organize the communication between teachers! We have a longer recess on Friday ("Reward Recess") for those that have all of their work turned in on time. Others stay in with one of the teachers for extra work time and "behavior time".
    *The Teacher Chick*

  5. I love that you found a way to keep track with your team. We each tracked it ourselves this year which made report cards challenging.

    Surfing to Success

  6. We are currently reworking how we track homework, so I'm pinning this tip! Thanks for linking up with us :)
    Fun in Room 4B


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