Monday Made-It - Personalized Notebooks

I'm probably going to be the 746th link-up, but I actually had to finish my MMI today. I decided to address the partially-used notebooks that I still had from college 15-20 years ago *cough*.

I tore out all of the still-good paper and made some cute covers that I printed on cardstock and laminated.

Then I unpacked my new binding machine for its maiden voyage. I was a little disappointed at the sheet capacity, but it's still pretty slick.

Check out my new personalized notebook!

And don't forget to dig up your best ideas for Native Americans, American Revolution, and Reconstruction!


  1. You are so smart. My home is littered with partially used notebooks--what a great way to make use of them (and make them cute!).

  2. I love the look of your new notebook. I ordered the binding machine last Thursday. Thank you for sharing the information about it!

    Foreman Teaches

  3. I've had a binding machine on my wish list for years! Which one did you get and do you love it? Other than the sheet capacity that is.

  4. Love the cover for your new notebooks. So cheerful!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  5. OMG!! I love it! I have so many partially used notebooks that I use them for meeting notes that I never look at, but I can use this for the kids or whatever. I love recycling!

    Ms. Chae Charges In


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