Parts of Speech Craftivity

I got {this parts of speech craftivity} from Deb at {Crafting Connections}. My intention was to use it as a beginning of the year review. Then we had early dismissals due to heat, initial testing, and yada yada yada, we finally finished it!

I didn't get a ton of pictures during the process, but first I had the students color the words (which is always a hit with fifth graders). I have a very large class this year, so I actually printed the pages two to a page to cut down on the paper usage. Deb actually had the first step as completing the worksheet, but I quickly found that 75% of my kids were completely clueless, so I modified some things for this activity.

Then the students cut out the words. The fact that most of the students were able to keep track of 22 cut out pieces of paper over the course of a week was truly a miracle!

I cut 9x12 construction paper into fourths since I made the words smaller. Note - Do not use black! When you write the reason why a word is a certain part of speech, it won't show up!

Students glued each of the individual words on the top half of the paper so that they stuck out above the construction paper.

Then, as a class, we tried to identify the parts of speech that we already knew and why. They figured out the nouns first, then verbs and so on. They ended up trying to remember the different between a conjunction and interjection. I really like how there were many different parts of speech that made them think.

To assemble the sentence, we stapled them together into a book instead of taping them end to end. Taping them would have been neater, but I just didn't have that kind of patience for tape at that moment.

Deb is going to give away this craftivity to one of my followers! Head on over to {her blog} to enter to win your very own copy!

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Finally, congrats to Bonnie H for winning Amelia's and my combined giveaway!

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  1. Say the word "craftivity" and I'm there! Love 'em! Really, really like this lesson on parts of speech. Thanks for the nifty idea!

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  2. Love this! I also love the thought process during the engagement of this lesson!


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