Tried It Tuesday - Genre Read Beads (and Tags)

I was inspired by Nick at {Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason} to start read beads with my class. My class did Reading Olympians last year and the kids loved earning the beads and tags. I'm not doing that program this year, but I'd still like the kids to be able to earn beads and tags.

I made it super-simple and totally optional. Students read a book of their choice, fill out a book review from Nick's blog, and turn in into me. I put up some small posters and gave a handout to help with the genre portion of the review. Then I gave students colored beads based on the genre of the book they read. When they read the second book of that genre, they'll earn a tag.

Here's what my brag tag board looks like:

A preview of the tags they can earn:

To be completely honest, I don't have to talk much about it. A few kids jumped on board right away and started earning beads. I made their reviews available and issued their beads, and then that grabbed the interest of others. After I put up the preview of the tags they can earn, I heard a few kids talking about checking out science fiction books...

I bundled together the stuff I created and put it {here} if you want to take a look!

Also, if you own my best-selling DIY reward tag templates, I just updated the file with two more templates that are easier to cut! Go re-download it!


  1. I like that you made it easy and optional... I have several students that would be really motivated by this option! Thanks so much for sharing! I might have to add it to my list of things for next year or next trimester :)

    Right now we're doing the thirty book challenge... which is motivating lots of students. Not sure of a prize... last year it was popsicles during class. Easy, affordable, and pretty much everyone was REALLY happy :)

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  2. What a great idea! So fun! I'll definitely check it out!
    Drop By...Life As I Know It

  3. I am loving this idea - some of my readers need all the motivation they can get. Right now we only use brag tags for teams/clubs and the value of the month. I was looking for more ways to use tags. Thanks!

  4. What a cute idea! So motivational to get them reading a variety of genres! I also like that they hang it back up so it's safe and you can see at a quick glance if someone hasn't hung their necklace up-perfect!
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  5. Love the genre tags, as you already know! I have a kid who is dying to get that sci-fi tag right now. Haha!

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  6. My school just re-started Character Traits every month... funny how things in education go around in circles! During Student of the Month assemblies, students who have shown that trait will receive a trait dog tag. I love these... these will fit in perfectly!!!


  7. I love the genre brag tags!! I haven't tried any brag tags yet because the time to make them is holding me back. Do you just print, cut, and laminate the tags? Is that a small hole punch you use to string the necklace? Sorry for the basic questions but I need help wrapping my mind around what to do. :) I think my students would just love this!!
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  8. Oooooooooooo. Another good one! What a great way to motivate students to try different genres.

  9. I love this idea! Such a great way to get the students motivated to read from different genres! I will definitely be giving this a try with my class this year! Thanks for sharing!

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