Tried It Tuesday - Vino Van Gogh

This is completely unrelated to what I'm doing in the classroom, but it's totally related to what I'm doing to stay sane this holiday season. I recently saw some of my Facebook friends post about something called Vino van Gogh. The concept is that you go to a local restaurant and learn how to paint a picture while having a glass of wine (or whatever else the restaurant serves).

I attended my first one a few weeks ago, and I had a blast even though I didn't know anyone else there! My favorite painting of all time is van Gogh's Starry Night (I know I'm going out on a limb with that one), and the painting that night was a Christmas tree based on the Starry Night style. So I knew that I had to try it.

All of the materials were provided, and the instructors went through it step-by-step so that everyone would be successful during those two hours. While we were all painting the same thing, no two paintings were alike. I don't have a picture of all of the different variations, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Here is my finished piece of art:

I have already signed up for two more this month, and I will certainly share those when they're finished. Have you ever tried anything like this in your area?

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  1. I like you painting a lot! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Diane~ This looks like it was a lot of fun! I'm glad you had a chance to relax and de-stress!

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  3. I love your painting and this idea!! Thanks for sharing, Diane!

  4. You painting looks so great. I would love to do something like this sometime.

  5. How fun!! Your painting is super cute! I wish they had something like this in my neck of the woods.


  6. We have two of these types of places where I live. In the past year, I think I have been about 9 different times. It's so nice to go somewhere, have all of the materials provided for you and not have to clean up your mess! The place I go to allows people to volunteer for some of the paintings and then allows them a credit to a different class. Your tree turned out great, Diane!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  7. I just went to our local version of your Vino van Gogh with two of my best teaching buddies. Ours is called Canvas and Cabernet. It's not at a restaurant, but is a business in its own right. They serve wine and have the most amazing play list of music going on while you're painting. Every song was one that was well worthy of singing along to ....loudly! LOVED, LOVED the experience and can't wait to go again.

  8. Ours is called Wine and Palette. It is fun. Your art will be great to hang year after year!
    My Teacher Friend

  9. Wow! That is pretty impressive! I have never tried anything like this and it would definitely be out of my comfort zone. I consider myself the worst artist I know and am so challenged in this area. :) Good for you, Diane!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  10. That sounds like so much fun! I would LOVE to do that! Wish they had that in the Philly area!

  11. I have done a few of these before- they are super fun!! I'm a perfectionist though so...... it actually stressed me out a bit. LOL

  12. I've seen pictures of this all over Facebook but have never actually done it myself. Perhaps I'd go more for the wine. :)

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