Early Colonies - Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth

I have starting this post so many times. Between no school and late start days due to cold, getting sick, professional development days, and other things that keep me from remembering to take pictures, I'm finally determined to get it done. For reference, it is currently Wednesday the 22nd. We'll see how long before I actually publish.

As I have {posted before}, we do a lot from Hands-On History: Colonial America by Michael Gravois.
I also use some of the graphic novels that I received through a Donors Choose project.
January 30. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures tomorrow...

...Monday, February 3...

Finally took some pictures! :) All of these activities came from the project book I mentioned above.

Roanoke Island Data Disc

Jamestown Web and Shutter Foldable

Plymouth Web and Accordion Book

13 Colonies

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  1. I absolutely love this. I have been teaching 5th grade Science for severals years. But last year our History teacher retired, and I now get to teach both...in the same 90 minute block that i had for Science only. After a dismal first year teaching both subjects, I was determined this year to do a better job. So far, so good, but I am on the hunt for better resources all the time. I need my students engaged and learning the full 90 minutes! I don't have any time for wimpy lessons.

    I said all that to say, "Thanks for sharing!"


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