Bright Ideas - End of Year Tip

I'm SO excited to be a part of this month's Bright Ideas Blog Hop! I'm going to share one of my ideas that will help you get your classroom organized as the end of the year draws near.

Often I have ideas on how I want to do things the next year. Either something was awesome and I don't want to forget, or I have ideas on tweaking what I've done. Since I'm a visual person, I like to take pictures to remind me. So I need to change this board:

If I will have 150 social studies students next year, I will need to have more No Name and Absent clothespins. I want to move the Missing Work to the other board in my room, and I want to remove the NLWC because I ended up doing that on a bulletin board.

Other changes since I probably won't be teaching ELA.

So I take a picture, put it in Word or PPT and note the changes I want to make, and save it on my computer in a folder labeled Next Year. Or, you could also create a pin of the picture and note the changes in the description and pin it to a secret board in Pinterest. Gotta use those secret boards for something ;)

I have many more end-of-the-year tips that I plan to share in the next couple of days. I invite you to follow me on {Bloglovin'}, {Facebook}, and {TpT} for more ideas!

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  1. Diane,
    What a smart idea! I often remember that I want to change something, but I can't remember exactly what did and didn't work! This is genius. By the way, I tried your absent papers board in my classroom as part of my classroom jobs this year. My absent student secretaries would gather work and post it on the board for absent students. It was a huge success and it really improved the flow of late work coming in from my 130 students. Thanks for that is a keeper for next year too :) - Kate
    Kate's Classroom Cafe

  2. This is so smart Diane!!! I write a lot of lists on my iPad and take a lot of pictures, but never would have thought to label and note them like you do! I especially like the idea of using Pinterest for this purpose. Thank you for such wonderful tips!!


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