Monday Made It - Number Magnets and Brag Tags

I cannot believe that I haven't had much of a chance to link up to MMI this summer. Where has the time gone?!

The first Made It was actually inspired by {a purchase by Tara}.

This is a post from her FB page
Adorable, right?! (And {here} is where she got them.) I thought that I could totally make some for my room theme or rainbow chevron. So I did!

Now here is where I'm going to be real honest. If you don't have the materials on hand and need to order everything off of Etsy, do yourself a favor and just order custom magnets from {tea and coffee}. They charge $1.00 per magnet. The DIY savings didn't amount to a whole lot.

I finished and uploaded my {August close reads}. Even if you don't go back until September, the topics are still something that you could incorporate then (s'mores, swimming safely, Hawaii, and state fairs). Of course, they are 20% off plus an additional 10% off during the TpT sale.

Then I took a break from close reads for a week and worked on some custom order brag tags. These are for have no missing work. There is a different one for each month. I think that they turned out so cute!!

If they are uploaded by the time this post is live, they will be before the sale is over. They will also eventually be in {this bundle}. Heads up - when I add them, the price will go up.

You can read how I use my brag tags by searching for brag tags in the sidebar.


  1. Diane! I'm loving your chevron magnets! I started several projects this summer and didn't finish any of them! I was seriously distracted by the sun and my pool! I have one week left and I will spend it moving my classroom into my new school!


  2. Where did you get the supplies for your magnets? I want to make them and I've been reading up on how people are doing it. Any advice would be great!


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