Using "Unusable" Space

In my past two classrooms, I've had huge windows along one entire wall. And in both cases, due to the location of my room (near the playground, near the front door), I have to keep them closed the majority of the time. Here are some ways that I've thought of to use that space, even if you don't have to keep everything closed.

If you have horizontal blinds, angle them to that the slats point up. Take a clothespin and clip on your anchor charts, posters, presentations, rubrics, whatever. The good news is that you can also open your blinds if you put the clothespins up high enough.

If you have shades or blinds, you can take a couple of Command hooks, put them on either side of your window (which you can't see in this picture), and connect them with a cord. Then use clothespins to hang whatever. Caution: If you do a zig-zag with one long cord, take a binder clip or something to hold the cord in place (the left point midway down is actually attached to the flag holder on my wall) because everything hanging on it can make it heavy. This also allowed me to open the shades when recess wasn't going on outside.

Clothespins and mini blinds can give you some display options that you many not have considered

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  1. Great tips! Living in portable land, I am always looking for creative ways to use space. Thanks! FlapJack

  2. I love this! I don't have any windows, but this is a great idea for if I ever do get a classroom with windows!

  3. I have blinds in my new classroom and this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!! :)

    Teaching in High Heels

  4. Definitely going to use this idea! I have to keep my shades shut in the winter because the morning sun shines right in my kids eyes. Those shades are ugly too! This will work perfectly.

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  5. I'll definitely be trying this! How clever!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  6. I pin things to my blinds too but LOVE the idea of putting a cord up instead in front of them. Now off to get cord!

  7. Thanks for the great ideas! My room is right by the playground too.

    Daisy from Not Your Mother's Math Class


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