"Thank You" Classroom Management Strategy

One idea that has worked really well for me when it comes to classroom management is what I call the "thank you" strategy. I usually use it when I'm starting to feel frustrated when students are not listening.

After I have given directions (like get out your social studies book and open to page 15) and notice that only a few are actually doing what I asked, I scan the room and say, "Thank you to the 1... 2... 3... (start counting the students) who are ready with their social studies books open to page 15."

When students start hearing me count, several more will scramble to do what I've asked so they can be included in the count. I like this strategy because students usually know when they are doing what I've asked, so they are proud to be included in the count even though I'm not calling out names. It also works because it very clearly gives the expected behavior that I'm looking for. I can follow up in a few more seconds with the updated count to include those who have turned the behavior around. And since I'm not mentioning specific names, I can fib a little. I can look in the general direction of students and just start counting. I don't need to get an actual count in order for this to be effective. No one has ever told me that there were actually 12 students with their books out instead of 14. :)

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  1. I love this and will give it a try on Monday! Thanks!

  2. Terrific idea to both reduce stress (yours) and boost engagement

  3. I do this,too! Sometimes I use fractions or percentages to count. Maybe it's an Iowa strategy. ;)
    Not very fancy in 1st


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