Sparking Student Motivation - Goal Banner

For many of you, testing is happening now or is just around the corner. I know that many teachers also do goal setting with their students before testing begins. Here is a way that I've done goal setting with my students.

On the front, students draw a picture relating to their goals. Here is mine from a few years ago when I wanted had to learn a new reading series.

On the back, there are lines where the students can write about their goals.

You can cut cardstock into pennant-shaped pieces and have them design their own, or you can {purchase the template and main banner at my TpT store}.

I also have a freebie for you to put on your door during testing. {Click here} to download.

Go over to Joanne's blog to find more ideas to motivate students!


  1. Such a great visual and reminder for your students! (And, you don't have to take it down during testing!) I think it's so important for students to set goals for themselves. makes them take ownership of their learning and success. Thanks for sharing and linking up BBB!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. I like the pennants very much because it takes a little of the stress out! :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

  3. I love this idea! Testing has a way of isolating children, making them feel unnecessary competitive pressure. The pennant banner is such a beautiful way to remind your students that they are a part of a community and they are more than a test score.


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