Bath Rugs in the Classroom - Who Knew?!

Bath rugs in the classroom create soft and cozy places for your students to read and work.
This year, the most coveted cozy spot was without a doubt my round bath rugs. Something about the round shape makes them really desirable. I originally got the idea from Kristen at {Ladybug's Teacher Files}, and I included them in a Donors Choose project.

Most use them directly on the floor.
Round bath rugs create a soft and comfortable floor space for reading and working.
Then one student got the idea to lay one on his chair because he liked to use the softness to calm himself. The idea quickly spread because they made the hard chairs more tolerable.
Round bath rugs add a little extra comfort to classroom chairs. They also provide some stimulation for tactile students.
As far as holding up, one of them lost its edging somehow. And a particularly tactile student started pulling out the yarn. Otherwise, they did well in the washer and dryer and come out nice and soft.

{Here's the link} to the product if you want to pick a few up for your classroom (or bathroom). (Note: This is not an affiliate link. I just like the rugs!)

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  1. I have also used bath rugs in my room. They use them every day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've been experimenting with flexible seating with my grade 6 this year. Before I dove into this I saw many teacher bloggers out there using bath mats. I haven't purchased any yet. Do you find they get dirty? How do you maintain them?


    1. My students are really good about throwing them in the bin when they get dirty, ie. someone wiped something gross on it. Then I throw them in the washer. The color I have doesn't show much dirt at all.


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