Tried It Tuesday - Point Sheets {Freebie}

It's been a while since I've linked up to Tried It Tuesday. I'm trying to get back into the habit by writing posts for my weekly linkies on the weekend prior to the link up, but I spent this past weekend working on something exciting for this upcoming weekend. *hint, hint - come back on Saturday and Sunday!*

Sometimes you just have that kid that can't figure out what's expected in class. Or maybe you need to collect some data to get a kid some additional help with behavior. I have used point sheets for the last fourteen years to help those kids either get on track or get the data I need to take it to the next level.

They look like this and they are totally tailored to the kid. The top one is the blank template, and the bottom is a sample of how one might look.

The first thing that you do to set it up and decide on up to five goals for the student. State the goals in a positive way. Speaks at appropriate times is better than Don't blurt out. Here are some examples of goals that I have used over the years.

Shows a positive attitude
On task
Respectful to others
Follows instructions
Speaks at appropriate times
Keeps hands and feet to self
Uses kind words
Uses extra time wisely
Works quietly
Be respectful to teacher
Be respectful to classmates
Uses appropriate language
Controls humming and other noises
Accepts decisions
Brings materials to class

These are just some of the more common ones that I've used, but it really depends on the student.

Students can earn up to two points per goal per class. So the example above has 100 possible points. I always start the goal at 80%. If they are meeting that consistently, I bump it up. Usually 90% is as high as I will go.

The classes get filled in in chronological order across the top. Each class will have an adult that will need to fill out the sheet and initial it. The student gets two points for meeting the goal, one point for having a few issues, and no points for having several problems with that goal.

At the end of the day, write the actual number of points earned after the word Actual. Usually I have some sort of reward or consequence set up ahead of time for either meeting or not meeting the total goal.

If you would like a free copy to try out, click {here}.
Free Point sheets for tracking student behaviors


  1. Diane, this is such a great idea! You have some great ideas on way to use this, too! Thanks for the freebie!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  2. I use point sheets too! It works wonders on "those" kids. :)
    ideas by jivey
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  3. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. I haven't used points in the past, but I've done something similar with a sticker or smiley face.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. Thank you for sharing these, Diane! I love how you gave examples of "positive" statements for student goals. Thanks for linking up! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  5. I like this idea! Just curious, does the student know when you are taking off/adding on a point, or do they wait until the end of the day to see how they did? Thanks for the freebie. :)


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