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Today I am thrilled to introduce my next guest blogger, Kelli from Tales of a Teacher. She has the cutest little blog full of pin-worthy ideas. I especially love the little book display shelf that she highlights at the end of her post. Enjoy!

Hey all!! I'm so grateful for Diane to share a little of her blogging space with me! I'm Kelli, from Tales of a Teacher. I have learned so much from so many teacher bloggers, that I thought I would try to contribute too! Here's a lil' intro on what I'm all about...

Bloggy Deets: I've had this blog for about a year and a half. I didn't do a whole lot on it the first year; I was shy. However, I've been a follower on many blogs for a while and absolutely LOVE that I am apart of the amazing community now for so many reasons.

Teacher Deets: I'm in my second year of teaching. Both years, I've been in 3rd grade and it's my favorite. I have the best teammates, great kids, and an excellent support system. I teach in good ole' Minnesota where I was born and raised and am keeping my fingers crossed that I get to stay put here for a while. I also am too organized for my own good, but I'm somewhat addicted to it.

Personal Deets: I'm a newlywed (what is the cut-off even?) I married my high school sweetheart after 8 1/2 years of being together. He's a teacher also, in his first year, teaching high school and middle school physical education and health. I treasure my family and friends and enjoy spending time with them, although many of them are scattered around. This upcoming year is going to be a great one- 7 weddings already and we are taking a late honeymoon to Italy in July for 2 weeks! I've never been beyond Mexico, so it'll truly be an adventure (and a good test for us ;) ) I also like to create things- whether it's for the classroom, a gift, or just for myself! TpT is a fairly new adventure for me, but I love having another outlet to share my creations!

You'll notice I use a lot of ( ) and .... and !!! I try to be aware of it and use them minimally, but it just happens. Bare with me.

One of my constant goals as a teacher is to build a supportive classroom environment. I'm always trying to make it fun, engaging, and culturally responsive. Our building is participating in a book study this year, and I've applied a lot of new strategies to connect with my students and have seen their engagement SKY rocket. I'm all about bringing their outside world into the classroom. We do a lot of moving, collaborating, sharing, and DANCING!!

{We love using music videos and just dance videos to get our wiggles out, as well as incorporate them into our transitions and learning.}

We also practice RC at my school, or Responsive Classroom. Students create a lot of our structures (rules, expectations- of course with my guidance) and are constantly involved in creating resources for their own learning. Click on the pictures below to check out some of my posts surrounding RC practices


I'm often inspired by others or the needs of my students to improve our classroom area so that it inviting, yet functional.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my rambles. I hope to connect with even more bloggers or readers of blog, share ideas, collaborate, and enjoy this amazing profession with one another! If you follow my blog (just click on my button at the top), make sure you leave a comment introducing yourself! I also have links to my TpT store, Pinterest boards, and Instagram on my blog. I leave you with a FREEBIE! Just click the picture below to be taken to it! Enjoy! :)

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