The American Revolution - The Plan

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I put a question out on Facebook yesterday about what you do to teach the American Revolution. It seems that I have pinned so many ideas that there is no way that I can teach it all. So with nine weeks left, here is what I plan to do this year.

These two products are great for the events leading up to the war. I've used the book by Michael Gravois for the last several years, and I'm excited to add in some more interactive notebook elements with {Jivey's product}.


Then I'm going to use {Amelia's FREE tax simulation}. I've never done anything like this before, but I know other teachers who have done similar activities with a lot of success. Amelia's looked really easy to implement, and it was FREE!

As for the war itself, I will be using these biographies and lapbook elements.


Of course, there will be fair amounts of Liberty's Kids sprinkled in!

Then our culminating activity will be from {Sabra's blog}. It is the ABCs of the American Revolution. Students brainstorm something for each letter then draw or write about it.


  1. Hooray! I'm excited for you! Thanks for the shout-outs! And oh, Liberty's Kids are my FAVE!

  2. I never liked history much when I was in school, but now I wish I got to teach it! Your plan looks solid.. lucky kids! ;)

    The 4th Grade Journey

  3. Oh! This post is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. Thanks for all the ideas! We just finished Causes and are heading in to the actual war after Spring Break. I found a really cool online game that would be a good beginning point. I just finished a blog post about it. Check it out!
    Chalk & Apples

  5. I love teaching about the American Revolution! We always do "The King's Candy" experiment and make a digital timeline using TimeToast. Good luck with the unit! It sounds like you have some great things planned. I'm certainly pinning that ABC chart!


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