Test Prep Egg Hunt

We begin our state testing next week, and I just came across this great idea from {Jennifer Findley} that combines test prep with an Easter egg hunt. I knew that I had to do it this week since the timing was perfect.

20 multiple choice questions (You can get a copy of mine {here}.)
plastic eggs
recording sheets

1. Cut questions into strips, fold up, and stuff a question in each egg.
2. Have a friendly second grade class hide your eggs on the playground after they finish their recess.
3. Give each student a recording sheet and clipboard.
4. Pair up students.
5. Students find an egg that no one else is using and answer the question inside. Math work can be done on the back of the recording sheet.
6. Students replace the question inside the egg and put the egg back in its hiding location.
7. When everyone has answered most of the questions, each student grabs an egg to bring back inside.
8. Discuss the answers.

Sound like fun? You still have time to try it out! Thanks, Jennifer, for the fun way to practice!

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Students find and answer test questions during an Easter egg hunt.

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  1. This is ridiculously cute!! We are in the middle of our PARCC testing, but we will have another round in a few weeks. I am totally going to do this next time!

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