Prodigy, aka How I Got My Students Hooked On Math!

"I just bought 2 new video games, but this is my favorite!"
-Fifth grade student

One huge success in my room this past week has been the use of {Prodigy}. Prodigy is a FREE website that completely gamifies math. Students have an alias in a virtual world and use math to battle each other, unlock features and new worlds, and otherwise have fun. I've been told by the students that it's Pokemon-like. (Note: There are some benefits to having a paid subscription, but the free version is completely awesome on its own.)
It is incredibly easy to set up for your class, and it works on both Chromebooks and iPads (either in Safari or with the free app). First, you need to set up your classroom code by {creating an account}. Students go to {}, log in as a new student, create their screen names and avatars, and enter your classroom code.
From there, students unknowingly start the placement test.
On your teacher dashboard, you can see placement test results, skills that students are struggling with, students who have answered the most questions for the week, and how many questions have been answered during the week. I'm sure that there are a ton more reports that you can get, but I'm still exploring it myself!
You can also align {Prodigy} to Common Core, TEKS, MAFS, or Ontario standards. Students can do this when they set up an account or you can do it through the dashboard. Or, you can align to skills that you are covering in class and choose specific skills for students to encounter in the game.
My students have begged me every day to have time to play this game. They play it at home. I know this because the graph on my dashboard tells me. I also hear the talk about certain battles from the night before and making plans to battle that evening. If you are interested in checking it out, you can click on {my referral link} or any of the images.
Prodigy is a FREE math website that gamifies math in a very engaging way!
Disclaimer: Prodigy has not asked me to review their game. These are 100% my thoughts and experiences.


  1. I started this about 2 months ago and they are still begging for it! A couple students have paid for the premium but kids still love the free version. We are actually going to have an ice cream and Prodigy party after testing because my class did so well. :)
    Simple Insights

  2. This has started to spread organically throughout our classroom. We had been "against" it, because we didn't see how it could connect to the skills they REALLY need (or tied to our lessons,etc.) Thanks for this update! I didn't realize there was a teacher dashboard component! We are so excited to be able to better support this "trend" in our classroom :)
    Team Togetherness

  3. This sounds like an awesome way to teach math. We have IXL but it is hard to get students to log on. Perhaps this is exactly what they need. Thank you!

  4. This site looks like it would be very engaging and meaningful. It's hard to find sites that do both. Thank you for sharing!

    Elementary Engagement


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