Multiplication Facts Card Game

Multiplication fact card game similar to UNO
This game came out of the realization that I hadn't prepped the original game that I wanted to play during math rotations. As I scoured my cabinets looking for something to do instead, I found my stash of used playing cards from a local casino. (Tip: If you live/work near a casino, ask them if they're willing to donate used decks to your classroom.)

(Another tip: Take different colors of markers and mark the ends of the decks so you can find the home for the inevitably-misplaced card. Make sure you get the color into the grooves.)
Color code deck ends to keep different sets organized
Color code deck ends to keep different sets organized
The game is based on UNO. I make groups of three to five students and project the following key for the cards above 10.
Rules for a multiplication fact card game similar to UNO
Students deal out seven cards to each player and turn over the top card on the remaining stack. Play begins when the first student plays a card that matches the suit or number on the upturned card -or- an ace (any suit) or joker. To "mathify" it, students must multiply the number on the stack times the card they are playing. If they are playing a face card, then they multiply by the power of 10 shown on the projected key. For the picture below, the student playing the four of diamonds would multiply four times four to get sixteen.
Multiplication fact card game similar to UNO
Players continue using UNO rules until one person plays his or her last card. Students play in my class for about 15 minutes.

I'm sure I'll think of other ways to build in more math concepts, but students really enjoyed this twist on the classic card game.

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Multiplication fact card game similar to UNO

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  1. I just saw this multiplication word game. I can see that it also could be used for addition and subtraction also. Thanks for this idea. Jackie


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