Classroom Must-Haves

Since I can't get into my classroom, I have been pinning a ton of classroom ideas on Pinterest. More importantly, I have actually done some of them. Before I share those creations with you, I want to mention a few products that have really made my professional life easier (and more fun)!

To begin, I don't know where I'd be without my Scotch thermal laminator (affiliate link). I have found so many uses for it, from laminating schedules to name tags to bulletin board pieces. The one I have will laminate up to letter-sized paper. At home, I've laminated feathers, artwork, school picture composites, homemade bookmarks...

Another fun toy that a coworker convinced me that I needed is the Xyron Creative Station (affiliate link). This little gem will put a sticky residue on the back of anything you crank through it (up to 5" wide). So it basically makes anything flat into a sticker. One type of cartridge is for a permanent bond and another is repositionable. There are also cartridges for laminating and a cartridge to make things into magnets. With this, I've adhered name tags to desks, made flashcards, and just plain stuck things together.

Finally, Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files raved about her circle cutter. I printed these clock numbers that needed a round cut, so I took her advise and ordered one. It worked like a charm! FYI - You need a cutting mat and you'll want to tape down your paper so it doesn't shift mid-cut. Then I proceeded to laminate them and used the circle cutter again to cut the lamination :)

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  1. I just followed your link to this and bought it. Thanks so much for the recommendation, Heather


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